Friday, January 30, 2009

Are You Wearing A Helmet? Or, Are You Just Thick Headed?

Here is proof that women are from Mars and men are from Venus (actually, sometimes I think they're from......WAIT FOR IT..........Uranus).

Yesterday, I went with the hubby to a doctor's appointment. The appointment was with a very "hot commodity" (waited four months to see the sucker) neurologist. For all intents and purposes, I will refer to him herein as Dr. McBaldy (DEFINITELY not McDreamy).

When we got to Dr. McBaldy's office, we were immediately escorted into the exam room. I was happy about this because I had forgotten my reading material in the car and medical office magazines are scary to me. Why? HELLO, PEOPLE!? Do you realize that people with drippy noses and leaky orifices have been handling those out-of-date periodicals? NASTY.
Anyway, I may have a touch of OCD but, whatever....

OK...So, now, we go into Dr. McBaldy's office where he proceeded to thoroughly examine the hubby. Then he asked, "So, Paul, how long have you had this pain in your leg?" The hubby took a few seconds to ponder the question. So, the doctor rephrased, "Can you recall when the pain started?" "Yes," said hubby. "It started about a year and a half ago. I didn't come in sooner because I thought it would go away."

Dr. McBaldy ( a little ticked off) then said, "What the hell is it with men?! You know.....I had a neighbor who had a pain in his chest. He didn't seek medical attention because he thought it would go away. The next day his wife found him DEAD in the recliner." Then he said, "It's a man thing! Women don't do that! I don't know what it is with men! They have thick skulls or something!"

For the record, I would NEVER say that men have thick skulls....But, WHO AM I to argue with a doctor?

I like Dr. McBaldy's style. I think from now on I'll refer to him as "Dr. Smart Like Me".


Jen said...

heheheheheeeeeeee!!! Sally you keep me giggling!!! It is a great refresher especially since it has been pretty duldrumy? I know it isnt a word!!!!

Jennifer said...

"this hamburger smells",
i should have known she would be psychotic from this day forward....