Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skip The Chocolate, Give Me Cash

Today I asked my husband what he wanted to do on Valentine's Day. He made a face.

No, he's not anti-romance or anything. But, he tells anyone who will listen (including me) that Valentine's Day is for amateurs.

I suppose when you really analyze it, his conclusion is correct.

Think about it. How many of us know couples, married or not, who have been together so long that they take each other for granted? Oh sure, they did fun stuff when they were first dating but after they got into their comfort zones and cemented the deal, they stopped going the extra mile to make their relationship special. They never take the time to do thoughtful things for each other like buy a small surprise "just because" (like a card or some candy) or splurge on dinner at a nice restaurant for no special reason (McDonald's does not count). They never really have fun together anymore.

Then, Valentine's Day comes along and BAM! Every body's a hero. Every guy that never buys his wife flowers, comes home with overpriced roses and a box of crappy chocolates from CVS pharmacy.

That's just lame.

Hubby is right. Show your significant other that you love him or her year round. That one day a year thing is for ninnies.

PS If you are one of those ninnies, at least splurge for Godiva's, you cheap bastard.

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Anonymous said...

Very true Sal. You shouldn't need a "holiday" to remind you to tell someone how much you appreciate them!