Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've Got Friends In Low Places

Weekend Highlight:


Hubby and I took our niece and nephew, Jess and Jon, to see MONSTER JAM. What is Monster Jam? Well, in my opinion, it's a JYD spectator sport that involves ginormous monster trucks running over junk cars. And what exactly is a JYD spectator sport? OK, you asked for it. Again, my blog, my opinion. So, here it is:

JYD stands for JUNK YARD DOG. And basically, a JYD spectator sport is one in which its fans of SIMPLE. These sports include, but are not limited to, monster trucking, Nascar racing, and WWF (that would be the World Wrestling Federation).

Another prerequisite of a JYD spectator sport? It's fans are dentally challenged. Yep, I can not tell you how many people we saw at the Monster Jam gumming their cotton candy.....kind of made me want to floss my teeth right there in that dirty ass arena....ick.

Anyhow, the kids had a great time and Jon was totally thrilled to see "Grave Digger (see picture above)." So, even though hubby and I were overdressed in our unripped pants and stain free shirts, and collectively had more teeth in our mouths than the entire hillbilly crowd, we had fun because the kids had fun.

And, we left feeling like complete overachievers....

Nothing says "SUCCESS" like being able to chew your own food......YEE HA!!!

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