Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Today, I have survived on a diet of birthday cake and potato chips. It's my hubby's birthday!!

He is 30/15. That's how he disguises the ugly truth of being 45. Let's humor him, shall we?

Anywho, here are some pictures of the family gathering to celebrate:

Here's the birthday cake (chocolate, of course):

Here's the birthday boy blowing out his candles (he's cute):

This is my Mom and me. She hates to have her picture taken. Too bad, so sad for her because now she's on the internet for the whole world to see (or at least the three people that read my blog):

This is hubby and his Dad having a spontaneous father/son moment (not really....I made them take this picture):

And last, but not least, this is Jess (our niece), Jon (our nephew), and hubby's Mom, Betty:

That's it for today, dudes. Just wanted to share the hubby's birthday celebration. Have a nice weekend!!!



H.K. said...

Happy Birthday Paul! Its hard to believe your 45 years don't look a day over 25!

p.s. if you want me to give you more compliments, my son's college savings acct is #1223445532244 Bank of B.S

Jen said...

happy birthday paul!!!!!!

Brian said...

Happy Birthday Paul. Sorry i couldn't make it,went with Erica to the red sox game. We won!!Will catch up with you guys over the weekend. Brian M....P.S..Tell Vavo Alda i'm gonna put her picture on my space, facebook, and twitter