Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hungry-Girl Rocks!

Last night, my friend Debbie and I went to a book signing for Lisa Lillien's new book. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her (where have you been?), she is the one and only Hungry-Girl! And she is AWESOME! She just released her second cookbook (which is number 1 on the NY Times Bestseller List TODAY) and trust me, it's fantastic. Here's a peek:

So, I have been a fan of Lisa's since her e-mail newsletter debuted. When I found out she was coming to town, I was not going to miss it. My friend Deb and I drove our happy asses to Providence and waited excitedly for about an hour before Hungry-Girl appeared. First, she chatted and answered questions:

Then she gave out snacks and goodies:

Then, we got in line to take pictures with her and have her sign our books. Please note the cutting board that I personalized for her. She loved it! And I love that she loved it because, well, I am an ass-kisser and a brown-nose. You got a problem with that??

And here is a close-up of the cutting board (who doesn't love their name on stuff?):

Finally, here is what Lisa (A.K.A. Hungry-Girl) wrote in my cookbook:

If you have a chance to meet Lisa Lillien and her crew, do it! She is so nice. Really....She promotes good health and healthy eating and is so great to her fans. I wasn't disappointed and you wouldn't be either. Buy her book! Make her recipes! They taste good and your ass will get smaller. It's a win-win situation, people!!

Oh, and one more thing. This is me and my friend Deb after our meeting with Hungry-Girl:

We were starvin like Marvin, so we headed off to the Cheesecake Factory (see the devil's food behind us?) where we TOTALLY refrained from eating that disgustingly rich crap (sour grapes, right?) and indulged, instead, in Vietnemese Shrimp Summer Rolls and Perrier. I SWEAR TO TOFU SHIRATAKI NOODLES, I'M NOT LYIN!!

Our motivation?

NOPE, not Hungry-Girl.

The fact is, Deb has two months to fit into her wedding dress and I have two months to fit into the "BEST LADY" dress.

And we want to look "perty."

It's called VANITY, dudes.

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Deb said...

We did have a lovely time!!!! Hoping my butt will actually fit into wedding dress.