Monday, April 6, 2009

(No) Sex In The City

Last Thursday night, hubby and I went out for dinner with our friends, Lou and Linda. They are a lot of fun and have become a regular staple in our social lives. However, I must let it be known that LOU is quite the BAD influence.

The evening started with a fantastic dinner in Providence, RI at this wonderful restaurant called Temple. It is located in the swanky Renaissance Hotel and it overlooks the state capitol:

Our view during dinner:

After dinner, hubby and I led our friends upstairs so they could check out the fancy hotel lobby. When we got there, LOU started the dissent into mischief. First, he plopped himself into one the fancy regal chairs and stuck his nose up in the air like he was the King:

Then, hubby joined in. Apparently, they were having a smashing good time:

Hmmm....Do Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb come to mind?

Anyhow, after these pictures were taken, Lou jumped up and headed for the front desk. I, afraid of what he might be up to, ran after him. When I finally caught up to him, he waived me down and said OUT LOUD.....TO front of the girl at the desk, "Honey, she said we still have to pay the full room rate even if we only want to use the room for an hour!"

Yep, he was pretending that he was a perv (what a stretch) and I was his woman and WE wanted to indulge in a "quickie" in this very snooty hotel. All of a sudden, Linda and my hubby walked around the corner to find us and Lou yelled out (to the front desk girl), "Oh my God! Here comes my wife and her boyfriend!" And pretending to hide from them, he sheepishly ducked.

The poor desk clerk was so mortified and confused that she just held her head and stared in wonder. Finally, I told her that Lou was just kidding and he was kinda sorta a little crazy and he was just trying to "ruffle" her up and we absolutely weren't sexual deviants and, " Please ignore the wack-job man in my company."

Needless to say, she was happy to see us leave.

After all of that, we collectively decided that the night wouldn't be complete without some more overindulgence. So, we ended the evening at a lovely little cafe called Pastiche. And when we walked in the door, this is what we saw. Brace yourselves:

You're probably thinking, "Oh, no you didn't!"

Oh, yes we did.

And then, we waddled home.

God bless America.


H.K. said...

Lou looks like trouble! He sounds like the type of friend that both my husband and I would love to hang out with. (We'll just make sure we don't go to any public places with him, to avoid any embarassment.)

Anonymous said...

Your friend Lou sounds hilarious. I've had some socially awkward and embarrassing friends, but he sounds like he's just playing. The desk clerk was probably amused but afraid to show it. Anyway, those desserts look yummy. I really try to not eat stuff like that too often, but occasionally it's heaven!