Saturday, April 25, 2009

You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings.....NOT

I have a friend, J, from high school, who is a manager at a hoity toity restaurant in Providence.

My husband wanted to go to said restaurant for dinner to celebrate his birthday, so I called to make a reservation.

When I was on the phone with the reservation girl, I asked her, "Will J be working on Saturday night?"

She said she wasn't sure. So, blah, blah, blah....we confirmed the details of our dinner, and hung up the phone.

About an hour later, I got the following text message from J:

Was that U? R U coming on Saturday?

I texted back:

Yep, that was me!

He replied:

You'd better behave yourself, BITCH.

My response:

I will, BASTARD.

Ahhhh......old friends..........don't they just warm the cockles of your heart??

1 comment:

H.K. said...

That's what I love about old friends, you can be yourself!

(left you an award on my HK everday blog)