Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chocolate...Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Crazy day today. Not much time for blogging. But, I have to share a KILLER low-fat dessert recipe with my peeps.

If you are looking to tame that chocolate craving, while shrinking the size of your ass, this is for you.

To die for, people!

And, it's only 3 Weight Watchers Points per serving. Here it is:

Take one packet of Sugar Free Jello Chocolate Singles:

And in a large bowl, mix it with 1/2 cup of 1% milk:

Then, in another bowl, crumble a chocolate VitaTop:

You will also need 1/2 cup of Cool Whip Lite:

Now, pick out two nice martini or wine glasses (presentation is important, my friends). In them, equally divide the ingredients into these layers:

Layer 1: VitaTop Crumbs
Layer 2: Chocolate Pudding
Layer 3: Cool Whip
Layer 4: VitaTop Crumbs

Let everything rest for about 5 minutes (if you can control yourself) so that the crumbs get really moist from the Cool Whip and pudding. And, this is what you get:

Drum roll....Please.....

I swear, when you taste this, you will want to be my BFF.

And that's fine. I'll take all the friends I can get.

Um....Unless you're a crazy be-otch...

Then, I'll pass.

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