Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain, Rain On My Face

Generally, I don't like to write about politics or religion. But today, I've decided to deviate from the norm.

Yesterday, I watched the Father Alberto Cutie interview on the Early Show. I'm sure you all know by now that he is the Catholic priest who was photographed on a Miami beach with a woman that he has been having a romantic relationship with.

I wasn't sure what my reactions to the interview would be. But basically, these are my conclusions:

I think that Father Cutie is very eloquent, sincere, and likable.

It is apparent that he loves serving his parish community, loves his faith, and loves God.

It is also absolutely apparent that he is in love with a woman.

He is currently struggling with the decision to stay in the priesthood or leave what he thought was his calling to marry and have a family.

I am sad for him.
And I think it sucks that he has to choose

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