Friday, June 19, 2009

Are You Sure?

It's Friday night and I should not be blogging.

I REALLY should be getting my dress/jewelry/general stuff in order for my big day as "Best Lady" at the wedding tomorrow.

But instead, I just got off the phone with the bride.

I called her and offered to drive her to Mexico before it's "too late."

As I write this, she's probably on the phone, frantically searching for my replacement.

If she finds one, I'll let her have my body sausage....and the loss of mobility that'll come with it.


Chellie has Issues said...

I followed BitchCakes' advice to read your blog. I'm glad I did. I love your sense of humor. I will be reading your blog more often!

Post-it Notes said...

Have fun in your "body sausage" this weekend! :)

starfish264 said...

Lol - is that the female equivalent of men doing the washing up, or whatever else we ask them to do, so badly that they think we'll never ask again???

Hope the big day goes well - we'll expect a Tales of the Body Sausage entry later!

Mrs. Sheila said...

I too followed that same link, and I have to tell you ~ I am so very thankful!! Your humor is a breath of fresh air on the blog waves!

Have a GREAT day in your sausage casing, er.. I mean at the wedding!

MochaTrina said...

LOL...body sausage.

Rapunzel said...

Have a great time tonight despite the "body sausage!"

p.s. we should all have friends like you. :)