Monday, June 15, 2009

Blog Give Away!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Happy Monday everyone! Please do not respond, "Bite me." I know it's Monday and the workweek stress has begun. But, I am trying to start the week on a positive note, kay?

I am very excited to start my post with a blogging award that I received from my pal and fellow blogger, H.K..

Thank you, H.K.! If you haven't read her blog before, you must! She's a Mom, a wife, and a writer. And, she's NICE...just like me :) Stop laughing.

Isn't it perty?

And because I am a drama queen and a ham, here I am accepting my award:

I know, I know. I could potentially benefit from some psychological assistance. Heard it before. Moving on...

Any-who, it is so rewarding to be acknowledged.....And even though I am perfectly happy talking to myself (most times), it is nice to know that when I am blogging, people out there are relating what I have to say. It's humbling to me that my blog entries inspire people to ask themselves those great philosophical questions like, "How did my ass get this big?"

So, to thank my readers (all three of you), as well as my fellow bloggers, I am hosting my first ever BLOG GIVE-AWAY! OH MY GOD! THE EXCITEMENT IS JUST TOO MUCH! Call your friends, call your family, call anyone who likes free stuff!! And here are the three prizes (yep, all three) that are up for grabs:

Prize 1: a brand new copy of this fantastic WW cookbook (BTW, I have one and I LOVE it):

Prize 2: a bamboo cutting board (11.5" x 13.5" x .75"), *personalized with your name, weight, and/or bra size (I'm kidding...Just wanted to see if you were still paying attention):

Prize 3: a Rabbit Wine Opener ($40.00 Value), *for your drinking pleasure, also personalized

Now, to enter this give-away, here's what you have to do:

* If you have a blog (or are on Facebook or Twitter), share the fun by mentioning this give-away there.

* Also, you all know that I am a foodie and I struggle with my weight and food choices sometimes. Duh. Really? If you can relate, I want you to leave me a comment (or e-mail) answering this question: What is the CRAZIEST thing you have ever eaten in a fit of hunger (quality or quantity)?

Was it an eclair that you dug out of the trash like George Costanza? Or, a piece of chocolate cake that was lying right on top of the crap in your kitchen garbage pail, like Miranda Hobbes? Or, did you just grab an extra pork chop out of the serving dish and shovel it down before your husband came back from the bathroom (so he wouldn't see), like my sister (my birthday's coming...not mentioning her name)?

The winners will be chosen on June 30th at random (names in a hat) from the list of commenters. So, get thinking....and spill those beans!!!

Oh, and one more thing. I'd like to pass my award on to five fellow bloggers who I truly admire. They are funny, poignant, real, relatable, and just plain awesome. Be sure to check them out:

1. Fat Bridesmaid
2. Bitch Cakes
3. Jason. For The Love of God
4. Questions For Dessert
5. Happy Fun Pants

Thanks for playing!


happyfunpants said...

OH MY GOSH! Thank you so much for the award! My mom will be so proud that I actually DID something with my life. I'm going to print it out and put it on her fridge.

Oh - and when I read your topic, I immediately thought of Miranda eating cake out of her garbage and then squirting it with dish-washing liquid. I remember telling myself that that might actually work to dissuade me. :)

I don't really eat weird things...just usually eat too much of them. Alright...way too much of them.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Woman, you are hilarious! I LOVE the way you write! (For the record, there is nothing wrong with Costanza eating that eclair! I've done very similar things, actually) Thank you for the kind mention :)

Rapunzel said...

Oh, wow, there are too many crazy things to mention so I'll just share the most recent one - two slices of cold bed...unbeknownst to My Man who was in the bathroom preparing for a "romantic encounter" with me. *blush*

I guess he was too overcome with desire to notice the pepperoni smell on my breath, huh?

Rapunzel said...

PS - I twittered and friended you on FB. :)

Awesome giveaway, btw!

Sally said...

I'm more of a "quantity" eater myself. Once, my sister and I ate a two pound box of Godiva chocolates in an hour. And the worst part of that sugar fest?? My sister is diabetic (undiagnosed at the time). Yeah, I know.

Deb said...

You are too funny! My wacky best lady.

Heather said...

Well, I don't think I qualify for the prize, as I am not a blogger, but I do have a funny story. When I was pregnant, I had a very severe craving for BLT's one day. so I fried a pound of bacon with every intention of just making a sandwich and leaving the rest for my family...BUT being pregos and all I ended up eating the whole damn pound. Then I became paranoid that my family would find out, since they all knew I was cooking it, so I went to the store and bought another pound of bacon, cooked it and ate some of the bacon so they wouldn't know what I had done. Needless to say I was violently ill after and had to stay away from bacon for the remainder of my pregnancy...

Anonymous said...

The award is so sweet! Sometimes I really forget that anyone reads me. It's nice to be reminded that some people even come back!

So my strangest eating spree? There's this brand of bread that they only make in my hometown area, and when I'm at my parents', I've been known to eat half a loaf. At once. It's just so good for grocery store bread. Heiner's Old Fashioned Bread in the red bag. Best. Bread. Ever.

Now I tell my mom not to have any when I go home. I just can't control myself.

Especially if there's a package of American cheese slices from the deli...

Now I've got myself all worked up!

Sally said...

Heather, you don't have to be a blogger to qualify! You are in the running!!! Bacon....yum.

Sally said...

Krissie, honestly....I am with you on this one. Can there be a more comforting food than bread??


Awww thanks for the award dude!

PS. I have one of those corkscrews and they're FANTASTIC!

Jenn said...

My husband has a ritual that he does every night. He gets a drink, then take allergy pills, then takes out the dog and then finally heads upstairs. Knowing this about him, I've hidden myself in the pantry, in the dark, to eat secret goodies that he's hidden from me to prevent me from, well...scarfing secret goodies in a dark pantry. Sad the things I did in order to avoid "the look!"

H.K. said...

YOU CRACK ME UP!!!! I love the picture of you accepting the can almost see the unshed tears in your eyes or is that more of a wicked gleam? :0)

The most unusual craving I've had was a PB & J sandwich, banana, and marshmallows. What does a girl do with all those cravings? Combine them together! The only thing missing was the chocolate sauce, if I had one, it would have been included!

Sally said...

Jenn, I am also guilty of "scarfing the goodies" in private. Nice to know I'm not alone ;)

H.K., That is the best sounding combination EVER!! And even though I am currently trying to eat in a healthy manner (key word here is TRYING), I may experiment with your combo someday ;)

screwdestiny said...

So I work at Domino's, and I'd been trying this new diet out, and it really was just making me crave all the crap at work, and I was having a mildly crappy night, so in a period of about a half hour I ate an 8-piece of cheesy bread and an 8-piece of Cinnastix with icing. That's about 2,000 calories. Yeah, it was pretty bad.

Sally said...

We have all had those moments!! And let me just say that I have the appetite of a truck driver. Cinnastix FEAR ME ;)

spunkysuzi said...

I definitely someone who eats in secret now and then. But the weirdest thing i ever eaten, i found myself standing in front of the fridge with a spoon in a jar of shrimp sauce!!!

Tina said...

I just found your blog through Bitch Cakes and I love it!

I have eating many very weird combinations of food while trying to satisfy a craving. One that I've been known to do more than once is to take raw oats and mix them with melted butter, brown sugar and a little salt. It's practically oatmeal, right? So it's got to be healthy. It most certainly is not 1/2 sugar & butter. LOL. mmmmmm butter.

Tina said...

Your shrimp sauce comment triggered a memory. I once at an entire jar of capers. And not a little jar, a real jar. Wow, can you say salt craving?

CINDER said...

I found you from bitch cakes- love it..
mt weirdest food craving is peanut butter...
I have been sighted eating an entire sleeve of rice cakes cover with half a jar of peanut butter~! (Of course this WAS supposed to be in hiding- in the bathroom0 My husband opened the door to the bathroom and woo hoo....much to his surprise who did he find?? ME I told him to F*** off- LOL

Losing It said...

Found your blog through BitchCakes and had to share my twisted food binge:
Melted cheddar cheese on a tortilla with a layer of peanut butter over the top.

Horrific? Yes. Deliciously amazing? Oh, hell yes.

sarah said...

I love this question and all the comments! I thought I was so unique that only I ate weirdly!!!!

I stopped at my favorite bakery one afternoon, it was close to their closing time so the donut selection was kind of slim but for some reason they had a butt load of those big apple fritters left. I asked the lady for three, fully intending to put two in the freezer for future enjoyment. The lady took a big box and filled it with 12 fritters! I thought she misunderstood so I told her I only "needed" 3. She said no it was closing time and please take them and enjoy! My eyes glazed over, my nostrils went into high gear and my mouth was watering like Niagara Falls! NOT ONE FRITTER MADE IT TO THE FREEZER! I picked at them until they were gone, okay, okay I out and out scarfed down the first three or five!

Does this officially qualify me for Piggette of the Year Award? Trouble is I still love apple fritters!!

Love your blog! Found it through Bitch Cakes.

Kim said...

I think this is where my food addiction began. Back in maybe 6th grade I would sneak powdered sugar from the pantry and eat it with a spoon. Not just a few spoonfuls...I would pour it into a cereal bowl and have at it.

I've also eaten brownie batter to the point of not having enough left to make a batch of brownies...raw eggs and all.

Desiree Fawn said...

Haha, omg to happyfunpants -- I definitely thought of that Miranda scene too!

My craziest moment are: eating whole bags of cookies, whole pints of ice cream... eating ALL of the cookie batter/cupcake icing... oh dear.

Must. Not. Hunger!

Anonymous said...

I joined WW a month ago...and my "last meal" before I walked through that door was a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies for dinner. it was a strange fit of hunger...more fit than anything really. My breakfast that day was 5 homemade crepes, another weird fit, these were Parisian style with lots of butter and sugar. While I can't remember lunch, I know it had to be bad, b/c I treated that day like my life was ending.
(FYI - I'm now thrilled I joined WW and have lost 13 pounds so far! I had no idea it would be so rewarding.)
-Erin (

Anonymous said...

I used to buy tubs of icing to eat. Also cake mixes, brownie mixes etc. I would stir them up with some milk and eat it.

I also used to combine butter and sugar and eat it.

My biggest food crime was to buy mini cupcakes, bite the frosting off all of them and throw the cake part away.


Anonymous said...

large chicken burrito
basket o tortilla chips
old fashioned chocolate donut
cinnamon snail donut

tho in truth, that's really only one of so many disgusting moments

Christine said...

I have to play along :) And thank you for posting about this. Misery loves comfort, and I can't wait to jump on the bandwagon.

My whole family KNOWS not to give me cake from any events because I'll eat the icing off of it and leave the naked cake.

One of my roomies from my internship several years ago made german chocolate brownies not knowing my obsession with sweets. I ate the entire tray and was too mortified to admit I had eaten all of them when she discovered the clean pan when she arrived home from work. To further my shame, I ate an entire bag of Chocobuttons, too cheap to splurge on M&Ms. In an attempt to redeem myself at dinner that day, I decided to eat a healthier meal by eating an entire bag of frozen french fries with half a jar of ketchup.

Dee said...

I mentioned the give away on my blog:) I think the craziest thing I've eaten has to be a butter, sugar, and syrup sandwich. Yes, you read that right. I wanted something sweet with bread but we didn't have the usual stuff here so I just threw it together. It was interesting to say the least but it was great for my sweet tooth lol


Sally said...


Thank you so much for the comments/entries! You are all hilarious!!

Sally ;)

Alice said...

Once I made a chocolate cake to surprise my husband. Unable to supress my desire to try a bite, I cut myself a slice. Then another and another, and so on. By this time I was too embarrassed to present 1/2 a cake to my husband, so I continued eating as much as could before he arrived home, and threw what was left away, being careful to hise the evidence under a layer of other garbage. But I ate almost the entire cake!!!!!

Sally said...

Alice, my friend, you are not alone. I'll just say this: last winter + me + a homemade chocolate cake + a jar of peanut butter = not pretty...

MzBarbara said...

it wasn't me - it was my sister -- mayo on white bread -- I cringe just thinking about it.

Min said...

Is it wrong that reading all these stories is making me hungry???

Sally - Awesome blog (came here via Ms. Bitchcakes <3) - I can't wait to dig in and read more! In the meantime, you have inspired my confession.

My boss had already left for Christmas holidays when a BIG gift basket full of goodies (chocolates, cookies, candy, crackers, etc.) arrived for her. I dutifully put it in her office, to be enjoyed once she returned in January.

Can you see where this is going?? One afternoon, having a sweet fit, I carefully slit the cellophane wrapper and snagged a box of chocolates, fluffing the christmassy gift basket padding into place so that you'd never be able to tell. Yum.

And then the next day...well, let's just cut to the chase, shall we? Over the course of the next 2 or 3 days I decimated the ENTIRE contents of the HUGE gift basket. For a while I kept it sneaky, trying to cover my tracks, but at a certain point I went into full-on f***-it mode and polished 'er off! I would go into the boss's office, shut the door behind me and secretly feast, not mentioning anything to my co-workers. Whole boxes of cookies, crackers with anti-pesto, trays of chocolates, bags of almond bark...All that was left was the decorative basket and tray the treats had come in.

Crap. I couldn't hide the fact that she'd received the basket - it needed to be acknowledged! So I cleaned up the tray, emptied the basket completely and when the boss returned to the office after the holiday, I told her that I had put the treats in the kitchen for everyone to share. Apparently we all enjoyed them immensely.

Blaghhch! The postscript to this tale of secret gluttony is pretty good, though! I joined WW in January and I'm proud to say I recently reached goal after losing 45 lbs. And when I was losing I still let myself enjoy the occasional delicious chocolate binge. Nothing like that, though.


Joanne said...

It's so reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who has eaten something odd. I had a HUGE chocolate craving one day, and had nothing in the house to satisfy it. so I grabbed the container of chocolate sprinkles and scooped up a big spoonful and shoved it into my mouth....blech...those things are nasty in large quantities. I do not recommend eating them!

Tricia said...

Crazy food - raw macaroni

Anonymous said...

Ate in about a 1.5 hour sitting:
2 Yakisoba Instant Noodle Things
1 Ben and Jerry's American Dream Ice Cream
1 Tombstone Pizza
1 Large Bag of Funyuns
An Order of Mozzarella Sticks
An Order of Onion Rings
A Pretzel with Cheese
A Ham and Cheese Sandwhich
2 Muffins
1 Candy Bar
1 Can of Spaghettios w/meatballs
A box of the Pasta sides alfredo

and I think that's it but I'm not sure... I know this contest is over but I thought I would share... lol...I am bulimic though and often go on HUGE food binges and I will usually eat anything in my dorm room... which includes some pretty weird stuff. :)