Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Black Hole

This is Priscilla (yes, she has a that a problem?):

She is my favorite pocketbook. I got her last year for my birthday and I take her everywhere because she matches everything that I wear.

My husband thinks that my pocketbook is a black hole. This black hole theory doesn't only apply to Priscilla. In his warped opinion, it applies to every single pocketbook that I own.

Case in point...The following is this morning's conversation between me and the hubby:

Hubby: Sal, I can't find my truck key.

Me: Really? Well, when did you have it last?

Hubby: I don't know. Do you have it?

Me: No.

Hubby: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I'm sure.

Hubby: Are you POSITIVE it's not in your pocketbook?

Me: YES, I am positive! Why do you always do that? Every time you loose something it MUST be in my it's the great abyss, for Pete's sake! Jeez!

Hubby: Well, I just thought it MIGHT be in there....Forget it. I'll look for it later.

Me: (under my breath) *grumble...grumble...*...Always blaming me...*grumble* my damn pocketbook is a flippin black hole...*grumble*...Why don't you look for your cordless drill, your laptop, and your tennis shoes in there, too....while you're at it? *grumble...grumble*

Flash forward to 12:00pm.

I left work and went to the store to buy a small fan for hubby's desk. The clerk at the register bagged my purchase and said, "That'll be $18.02." I opened my wallet, gave her a twenty dollar bill and said, "Hold on. I'll give you two pennies." As I was digging around in my coin purse for the change, guess what I found?

Yep, in my change purse, at the bottom of my POCKETBOOK, was hubby's TRUCK KEY.

Damn it.

I hate it when he's right.

(FYI...I am totally going to sneak it back into his possession....SHHHHH!)


MochaTrina said...

Now...that's funny. ROTFL!

Watching and Weighting said...

oh NO!!! I really wanted him NOT to be right! Bugger! Hilarious! xxxx

Sally said...

Nobody wanted him to be wrong more than me. Not to worry, I slipped the key into his underwear drawer. He'll wonder how the hell it got in there. But, at least I won't get the blame.

I'm a fox ;)

Heather said...

PC has clearly not met my purse. It truly is the black hole. I pulled about 15 pens out of it the other day. Ugh.