Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Do It?

Yesterday, I went to Weight Watchers for my weekly meeting (FYI, 4 pounds gone in 2 weeks). And I was listening to a woman who was disappointed with her weight gain. Thus far, she has lost 45 pounds in maybe 6 months. Yet yesterday, she was beating herself up about a 2 pound gain. She proceeded to explain to the whole room about how disgusted she was with herself and she confessed that she didn't know what came over her. But, she binged like hell last week and the only explanation she could give for her behavior was that her inner fat girl got out...again.

I liked her explanation. Seriously. I got it.

I am not a stupid person (no objections, please). I know that an apple is better for me than a piece of cake. Yet, there are times when I've chosen that damn cake. I'm the only one, right? There is no rhyme or reason to it. It's irrational. It's insane. But, for various reasons (stress, emotional, hormonal), it just is.

To make our fellow Weight Watcher feel better about herself, we celebrated her accomplishment so far. Dudes, 45 pounds?! That is major! Then, we gave her a pep talk and told her that we could all relate and I think she left the meeting feeling more motivated and hopefully, like she wasn't alone in this bullshit struggle.

Can I get an AMEN?!

On another brief tangent, last weekend the hubby and I met up with a person who never really reads my blog but sort of got caught up on it before our get together. At one point he said to me, "Gee, you write an awful lot about having and/or getting a smaller ass."

And said person's tone? It was condescending and well, it didn't impress me much. It was like, You are weak. If you want to lose weight, why don't you stop bellyaching about it and just do it already!

Clearly, said person is a twig and has no clue. I wanted to respond (but didn't), I'd rather be me...just the way I am, than be a pompous, arrogant butthole just like you.

Seriously. I can lose weight. But with his personality, he will always be a bigger ass than the one I'm carrying in my pants.

My condolences to his wife.


Deb said...

You're fabulous and an inspriation to big bums everywhere! :)

Sally said...

I prefer to call it "shapely."

happyfunpants said...

Way to go Sally! Both for the weight loss, the pepping up of someone who needed it, and for putting the assh0le in his place.

Hanlie said...

Well said! There really is no cure for assholiness!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Exactly. You can lose weight; he'll be a d*ck forever.

Jenn said...

Awesome job on the weight loss! Too bad there isn't a treadmill you could strap that jerk to to make him lose some of his asshole personality. What the heck, strap him to one anyway, turn it on high and sit back and laugh.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Well THAT can certainly get an amen. What a douche-tard. Can I say that on this blog?