Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sake To Me!

I am turning 40.

It will happen on July 29th.

I accept it. But, I am not happy about it.

With 40 comes change.

Yes, I know.

With every passing day, I gain experience. Big whoop.

I'm also at risk for gaining a mustache, hemorrhoids, and boobs that scrape on the floor when I walk.

Oh friggin joy.

To combat my oh so positive attitude about inching closer to the days of Depends, I've decided to psyche myself up by having an entire birthday month.

Yep, I am going to celebrate EVERY day for the whole month of July.

That ought to get me used to the idea that 40 is fabulous (oh, it's an "F" word alright, but I'm not thinking FABULOUS).

So, yesterday, was day one of Sally's Birthday Extravaganza (blecch....*insert dry heaves here*) and here is how it went down:

After work, the hubby and I met our friends, Lou and Linda, at their house. When we got there, they had some surprises waiting for me.

Surprise #1: a birthday balloon that when punched, says (in Lou's voice...bless his evil little heart), "Eat me. Bite me. You're freakin old!" Isn't he original?

Then, they gave me this basket which contains one gift for me to open everyday this month. special (NOT)!:

Please, contain your emotions. I love Lou. But, he is a little bastard (and I know his sweet wife had nothing to do with it). Check out the day one gift that I opened at his house:

That's me, on a mousepad, stuffing my face with a cannoli. Isn't that special (don't worry...I am currently planning my revenge)?

After the presentation of the gift basket and the vulgar balloon, we went to a new Japanese restaurant for din din:

Once we were settled at our hibachi table, we began schmoozing with our new pal, Luscious Larry (the mortgage broker from Chicago) and his family. Turns out, Larry was a crazy, fun guy...just like Lou. Uh-oh...I smell trouble brewing:

Luscious Larry and his wife, Mrs Luscious Larry:

During dinner, Lee, our hibachi chef cooked us a fantastic feast. And he even did lighting the grill on fire (that's an onion volcano, people....OOOOH....AAAAHHHHHH). I know. Try to contain yourselves:

And Lee let Lou get behind the grill (hope the insurance policy is up to date):

To top it all off, Lee (Iron Chef) was SO worried that Lou and the hubby were getting dehydrated from the grill heat, that he decided to squirt sake (Japanese rice wine) into their mouths from clear across the table. Talk about THOUGHTFUL!!

The hubby getting sake-d (trust me, it's him):

And now, Lou's turn to wear the sake....oooh...I mean DRINK the sake:

Finally, after all of the free flowing sake, and the TWO BIG ASS SCORPION-TINIS (Yes, I said two) that we drank, we were feeling P-R-E-T-T-Y good:

Coincidentally, so was Luscious Larry and his family (Oh, yeah! They drank the flying sake, too):

And here, after the sake fest, from left to right: Larry, Mrs. Larry, Lou (of course), Dr. D (Larry's brother-in-law) kissing Larry's wife..WHAT THE HELL?? And, Larry's sister, Mrs. Dr. D. If you ask me, the secret to world peace? Give em' sake.

Finally, here's a little shout out to Larry's and Dr. D's kids (who by the way, were very good sports while the adults whooped it up). And remember kids, do as your parents say, NOT AS THEY DO:

Of course, you had to know that Lou (always the HAM) would be in the pictures, too. Right?

All in all, the first day of my birthday month was a GREAT time. And to top it all off, Lou, Linda, the hubby, and I made new friends!!

Can you believe that Larry and his wife invited us to stay with them the next time we visit Chicago? They are awesome!!

Oh, and Larry's brother-in-law, Dr. D, is a dentist who only lives a few miles from me! And he offered us free unlimited dental care for life! What a guy!!

(Actually, I'm feeding you a line of crap right now. But, I'm hoping that Larry and the Doc drank so much sake, that they'll believe this shit).

Hey....You can't fault a girl for trying.


Watching and Weighting said...

Can I come and live with you? That looked like SO MUCH FUN!!!

Did the ballon REALLY say that when punched?

I think celebrating every day for the month of you bday is a top drawer idea and plan to use it when I am 40 (in ten years!!)

Happy Birthday month!!!! xxxxx

starfish264 said...

You always sound like you have the best time out when you go a-socialising! Happy birthday month!

Sally said...

Sure, come on over! I'm not sure if I'll be a "good" influence on you, but at least we will have a great time! And, yes, the balloon REALLY DID say that. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Thank you for the birthday wishes!! I love to have fun. And I like to surround myself with positive people! No drama, please!! Thanks for reading and commenting! I sure do appreciate it!!

Hanlie said...

One of my best friends is also turning 40 on 29 July! My turn is in September... I was just talking about it this morning - I'm excited about it. I had a lot of anxiety when I turned 39, but now I'm in a much better place emotionally.

Great idea to celebrate all month!

Sally said...

Hanlie, I had no anxiety about turning 39. I'm trying to be positive and trying to believe all that crap that people say about 40 being the new 30 ;)

MochaTrina said...

I went to a place like this just last week and they made that very same onion fire thing. You guys look like you had a great time.

Jen said...

Sally that looks like sooo much fun! I like the celebrate birthdays all month long....celebrating like you did everyday may make you 41.....heheheheeee. Can't party like we used to!!! Happy Birthday!!!!