Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Call My Name And I'll Be There

This week, I've noticed that a lot of my friends on facebook are feeling quite sad because their kids are going back to school and are naturally progressing to "higher" grades. I've read comments like, "I am now the proud Mama of a first grader." And, "Tomorrow, my son starts high school. I hope I can keep it together."

While I am not a parent, I completely understand that time passes SOOOO quickly. And while it must be lovely to see your children progress into good, kind, intelligent young people, it is also sad because...Well...they don't need you as much. And face it. As they grow older, you grow older. And you don't need to be a parent to know that getting older sucks....BIG ONES.

Anyway, I have no words of wisdom for my friends or anyone out there in the blogosphere that is going through this whole Oh.My.God. My baby is starting middle school/high school/college and I feel like the crypt keeper Syndrome.

But, I do have a temporary fix.

If you live in the Rhode Island / Massachusetts area or are intending to visit me....and bring me presents....Don't forget the presents. I will accompany you to a restaurant that will heal your soul from its very depths.

In honor of you, Parents of the World, they have created a very special menu that will help you deal with your separation anxieties.


And remember....Your pal Sally is totally willing to accompany any and all of you to this happy place...if only to make your journeys as parents easier.

I know. I'm a good friend.
You're welcome, dudes.

(Now pick up a Puffs Plus and click here)


Amanda said...

My baby is a first grader this year, and it's also my older one's last year in elementary school. I think that means I need one of each of these.

Yep. That ought to do it.

Bippy Mama said...

Bips, can I get a copy of that menu? My mama booze tribe would love it! I think I may actually hang it in my kitchen!