Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Must We Go There?

Random Thoughts....

***Yesterday, Hubby and I ran into an elderly man who we haven't seen in six years (since we sold our previous business). When he saw us, he came running over, shook our hands, and said, "You guys look great! You put on some weight!"

He's old. I decided to let him live.

***My friend Barb gave me a great idea! After yesterday's blog post, she left me a comment stating that she works her butt off on her treadmill, which she has affectionately named Dante. Because of Barb, I have decided to name my treadmill something other than that stupid piece of shit in my basement. From this day forward, my treadmill's name is going to be George...as in Clooney. And for the record, my days will now begin with me making George Clooney my bitch. Giddy-up Georgie boy! Work that ass!

***Two weeks ago I wrote this post about how I learned that men do indeed have Kegel muscles, just like women...Well, not just like women...but you get my point. Anyway, this morning I received this anonymous comment under said post:

Unlike women, men do not readily discuss personal medical conditions and disorders with their friends. It is for this reason that pearly penile papules are very misunderstood.

It is not surprising that you would be plagued by worry and paranoia at the appearance of a bump on the rim of your penis. Immediately you would suspect venereal disease or even worse, cancer. The likelihood is that you do not have either, but rather a simple case of pearly penile papules. Pearly penile papules are very common among men, especially uncircumcised men. They are not as a result of bad hygiene and are not contagious in any way whatsoever. Many men actually find that they appear and disappear without any treatment at all.

However, if you are feeling uncomfortable with them, they can be effectively removed with a simple treatment of radio frequency surgery. You should however consult your doctor and have them seen to should they emit a discharge or are physically painful.

Um...for lack of a better response, WTF?

Seriously. Mi no comprende.

The blog post was about how Hubby and I almost peed our pants because we drank too much water before we went for a really long walk! How did squeezing our Kegel muscles to keep us from making numero uno in our pants inspire you to give us a lesson on pearly penile papules?

Anyway, upon reading said comment for the first time, I wondered...Should I keep all of this valuable information to myself?

No freakin way.

Because you guys are super important to me and I've always got your backs (and why the hell should I be the only one to lose my appetite for the day?), I figured I'd share said info with y'all...You know...in case you have a "friend" who needs treatment for this shit.


Well, that's about it for today, dudes! Thank you so much for reading and for commenting.

Oh, and Anonymous? I don't know why my blog inspired you to share this info with me. But, my readers and I thank you for the very interesting health lesson....I think.