Monday, October 19, 2009

I've Done Everything For You!

Ahhhh. It's Monday morning and I am happy to report that I had a fabu time at the Rick Springfield concert! AND while I danced in the aisles and on the chairs with people I didn't know, I did not get into any real trouble. Whew!

So, let me give you the rundown. The evening started with the Hubby and I picking up our friends, Steve and Janet, who by the way, just recently got married and are always telling me not to blog about them but I am TOTALLY going to blog about them today because I live in America and it is a FREE country and I am implementing my right to freedom of speech.

Whoo hoo! Blogging is power! Hehehehe *Insert evil laugh.*

Anyhow, so we picked our friends up and headed to a new burger bar that was en route to the concert. After dinner, we made our way to the venue and when we walked into the lobby, this poster greeted us:

And this is the name tag that I am wearing in the picture (made it at work when I was supposed working...hehehe):

Now for the record, all night long, the Hubby and Steve were trying to act all cool and like they thought Rick Springfield was lame and shit. And they were ONLY at the concert because Janet and I wanted to be there and they were being all supportive and crap because they are the best husbands who ever roamed the universe.

Let me just say that they were full of shit.

Because when they didn't see me looking, I saw BOTH OF THEM...drinks in hand, dancing and swaying and tapping their feet to the rhythm of the 80's groove.

They're just lucky that I didn't catch them on video because if I had? I'd a outed their Rick Springfield loving asses right here!

Anywho, here they all of their denial...

The Hubby (Happy to be there...Trust me):

Our friends, Janet and Steve (Even though Steve refused to stand near the poster, you can clearly see how excited he was to be in Rick's presence):

More show pics:

Me and Hubby (notice my flashing COME HITHER light...used to get Rick's attention):

Me and my new peeps...They sat behind us. We danced together and stormed the stage together. But, I didn't get their names. Fun girls!!

Rick...In all of his 60 year-old glory! Seriously! He is 60! Can you believe it? Dudes, now THAT is what I call BEING IN SHAPE:

And? The shirt comes off! Whoo hoo!

And finally, a short Rick Springfield video...

I present Rick, singing "Wild Thing" exclusively to me...of course.

Hey it's MY damn fantasy. Suck it up and humor me.

So that was my Rick Springfield Concert 2009! Hope you enjoyed the recap!

Oh, and to my Hubby and our pal, Steve?

Remember guys! Real men love Rick Springfield.

Hmmm...I don't know.

But you both sure looked like you were ready to join the fan club! Hehehehe......


Heather said...

I recognize that light. I believe it was one of the two I had down my shirt the last time Rick was in town (sorry for the mental image peeps, but I thought flashing spinning boobs might get his attention). Thanks for not posting that video, by the way. :)

Rapunzel said...

damn! he still looks HOT! Of course he was singing straight to you, you sexy goddess! ;)

Hanlie said...

Sixty? Bring it on!

Jen said...

AWSOME!!!! Did he come your way with the light? Did you get to touch him!! I noticed he is wearing his glasses now while he plays....we only saw those when we stocked him at his hotel after the show!!!!!