Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Ideas Just Suck

Last night, I was lounging around in my flannel pajamas reading a copy of Real Simple magazine, when I came across a page that discussed saving money by utilizing household items in ways that NORMAL people would NEVER fathom.

Now, I'm all for saving money.

And I know that the economy isn't the greatest (to say the least).

But, I really think you have to draw the line SOMEWHERE. Because there is a big difference between being a frugal saver and a crazy-ass EL CHEAPO.

Seriously. This kind of extreme frugality would send me right over the edge:

Dudes! Any idea what this is?

It's an elephant made out of ***wait for it*** DRYER LINT!

Now come on! I used to teach small children (Yeah, I really did!) and we used to do all kinds of artsy fartsy projects with popsicle sticks and paper towel tubes and shit. But, DRYER LINT? What's next? Are we going to petrify dog poo, finger paint it, and turn it into sculpture?


I'll have you know that I'm saving my money. I'm recycling my cans. I'm even eating out less (more to save my ass size than to save money). But, I am NEVER, EVER going to collect, save, or utilize my damn dryer lint!

Well...Unless I can figure out how to turn it into a chocolate chip cheesecake.

What can I say? Food motivates me.


Debs said...

How about paper made from elephant poop??

Sally said...


I have three words for you:


MoraPiggy said...

And how is this supposed to save money?

Sally said...

I guess if you can fashion some stuffed animals out of your dryer lint, you'll save money on toys?

Lame. I know.

Hanlie said...

How would that be a SAFE toy to play with? We all know kids put stuff in their mouths... this toy would suffocate a child.

Watching and Weighting said...

hahaha who the heck let you loose working with small children? oh the language they must have learned!! HAHAHA

Rapunzel said...

Ewww...I remember reading the Tightwad Gazette and the author's suggestions for dryer lint use, one of them turning it into children's Halloween masks! yuck!! I'm all for saving pennies, too, but there has to be a limit!

Marc Munroe Dion said...

I'd rather make dryer lint out of an elephant. More of a challenge.