Monday, November 30, 2009

We All Have One, Right?

Happy Monday, Peeps!

Notice how cheery I am and how freakin thrilled I am to be back at work after a four day hiatus! Whoo hoo!

Too much?

Yeah, I thought so.

Clearly you know me better than that.

The reality is that I didn't want to drag my sorry ass out of bed this morning for all of the Rick Springfield sightings in the world. Me no likey Monday mornings. Me thinky they suck big ones.

So, speaking of sucking big ones (How's that for a lead in?), let me tell you about something that happened to Hubby and me on Thanksgiving.

You ever notice how leading up to this holiday, everyone's all---I am sooooo thankful for my family!?

Yeah, well...YOUR HONOR!! I OBJECT!!

See, I love my family.

But, some of them?

Well, I like them as much as I like Monday mornings. And having to deal with them on the holidays just sucks the life out of me. Seriously.

Here's this year's example:

Picture it: I am sleeping in on Thanksgiving morning because I am not saddled with the cooking for the day. Suddenly, the phone rings at 9:00am and I look at the caller ID. I don't recognize the number but I answer it anyway.

On the other end of the phone, I hear the voice of a long lost family member who hasn't called our house IN LIKE TWO YEARS! And I think to myself HOLY CRAP! Holidays really do bring families together! Right?

So, then Long Lost Family Member says, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

And I am in shock that he even thought about us on this day and so I respond in amazement, "Happy Thanksgiving! Oh my God! How are you?!" Because I am being sincere and ASSUME that he is, too.

And then he says (BRACE YOURSELVES!), "Good. I'm good. Um...
Can I borrow fifty bucks?"

How's that for a kick in the pants?

Thanks for shooting that arrow through my heart, a**hole.


You gotta love em' (It's a law or something)....

Even if you don't necessarily like them very much.


Dee said...

Some of my family members suck as well:/ My sister has been one of the main ones to work my last nerve. She is 27 going on 5. UGHHHHHHHH!!!


Anonymous said...

We choose our friends, we do not choose our family. There is also a big difference between love and liking-- we can love family members without liking them very much (for a while at least). If a**hole family member can't be bothered to call you to keep in touch every now and then I cannot see why he would honestly think you were going to shell out for him. I assume you let him swing in the wind.

Personally, I would like to see families separated from holidays so that I could enjoy the holidays for a change. (Gee, can you tell I don't like my family much? Not all families are happy ones.)


cmoursler said...

you shoulda said...
hey, how bout you call me back in two years and I'll let you know.
Happy thanksgiving may *ss.
Hope it got better from there.

MB said...

Unfortunately, we can't choose our relatives. I hope you told him you couldn't give him $50 bucks but he was welcome to come over and eat a meal that probably cost way more than that $50.

So, did you open the purse strings?

Sally said...

I blew a cork and said NO. But Hubby, who I'm surprised hasn't given away the deed to our house yet---told him, "If you really need it, come and get it." Twenty minutes later we were $50.00 poorer.