Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Crocktastic Development!

Guess what? Looks like the in-laws are eating REAL food for Christmas! Bring on the shrimp! Bring on the ham! Bring on the turkey!

Why the sudden change in the menu? Well, I just happened to intercept some email correspondence between my friend, Barbara, and my Hubby. Can you believe that they think I would bitch, moan, and groan for MONTHS ahead, if I did not get my beloved crockpot for Christmas? Whatever gave them that idea? Hehehehehe *insert evil laugh*

Anyway, check it out:

Sent: Tue, Dec 22, 2009 8:40 pm
Subject: Dear Paul

Mother of God.......
Please buy her that crockpot. In fact, I think you should buy her two.
I do not think I can take reading her ranting for the entire month of January and quite possibly right through June.


Subject: Re: Dear Paul

Do you think I WANT to listen to her? Don't worry. Santa's got it covered.


Subject: Re: Dear Paul

I knew that, Paul. God has a place right by his side for you! That is for sure. Please DO NOT tell her I said that. I do not want to hear her either!

Love you both very much,

Hahahaha! I love it!

But, now I'm thinking...If I knew that people were going to put the pressure on Hubs to by me what I really wanted for Christmas, maybe I should have set the bar HIGHER. It's 8:35am on Christmas Eve....Do you think it's too late to add a Cadillac Escalade to my list???


spunkysuzi said...

For sure!!
This made me smile as i've been talking about wanting a cuisinart blender/food processor! Guess what's under the tree :)

Debs said...

Ah, Sweet Success!!
It may be too late for that Christmas Cadillac, but think Valentine's Day ....

MB said...

It's never too late to add to your wish list. Next year be sure to set the bar really high!