Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WWJ Really D?

Today I spoke to my lawyer about Mr. Fake Law Office Dude (from my previous post).

You see...

Yesterday, after some of my readers called Mr. Fake Law Office Dude (Thanks Guys!) to blast him about his ridiculous telemarketing bullcrap, he called me.


Awwww! And can you believe that he was ang-wee with me? Dude! How does it feel to have people you don't know call your ass and invade your privacy? Huh?

Anyway, my lawyer, who by the way---works for a REAL LAW OFFICE---told me that I CAN continue to use Mr. Fake Law Office Dude's real name (if I want to). Yay! But, it is probably "a good idea" to take his phone number off of my post. Boo!

So, yesterday, guess what else Mr. Fake Law Office Dude did? He left a comment on my blog! Oh.Yes.He.Did. I didn't publish it because I wanted to post it right here in all of its eloquent glory:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Lying Sack Of Poo":

get a life people!!! do you have anything better to with your life then to talk shit, pay your bills and that is that!dead beats..
And thier is no god at any atty's office so good luck seeking god people! call me if u find him lol

ps, slander is illegal be

Isn't Mikey (sort of his real name) something? Now he's back to pretending that the mythical Stacy Costa owes somebody at the Law Office of Douchenuggets (the fake place that he works) some money for a fake legal judgement that they pulled out of their the name of sharing the New Testament with heathens. Dude! This shit's getting old.

Know what, Mikey? You're little comment just proves one thing. It's time for you to broaden your horizons. I'm sure that somewhere in the vicinity of your trailer park, there's a learning annex. You might want to check it out. Because an important man, such as yourself, really should learn how to read and write proper English. Moron.

Your Momma must be so proud.

PS. I'm reporting you to the Attorney General's office. That's where REAL lawyers work.


Anonymous said...

Mikey sounds like a teenager pulling pranks. I have never seen anyone with a divinity degree behave in such a manner, nor have I seen good intentioned pastors and religious folk without degrees behave so poorly. I seriously doubt this joker is affiliated with any respectable church. Leaving out his apparent illiteracy, his legitimacy as a representative of any responsible religious group is shot all to Hell.


Sally said...


You hit the nail right on the head!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

What is it with haters and spelling anyway?

Sally said...

Jack! I know!!!!!

cmoursler said...

um, I doubt he is a believer...he may be a crackpot though.
be careful....he sounds a little unhinged. And to track down your blog and post a comment...stalkerish.

Hanlie said...

I think that's what you call a religious nut. Good luck tracking me down, Mikey, I'm on a different continent!

Debs said...

What a whack job! And, just in case he reads your blog again and thinks you're a devil worshiper or something because you swear a bit! What he should really know is that you're a reader in church! A REAL church. And, you've helped the needy, I saw you myself wrap Chrismtas gifts for needy children!
If "Mikey" had any real brains, he'd disconnect that phone number before he ends up in court.

Abbey Shaw said...

Wow, stellar guy.