Monday, January 4, 2010

I Ate, Therefore I Am

Today, I am back to work after a very lovely holiday hiatus and surprisingly, I do not want to punch anybody in the head. How's that for a kinder, gentler Sally in Twenty Ten? Huh? I know what you're thinking. The new year is young. It's only a matter of time before something pisses me off and I go all unhinged. And all I have to say to that is you know me so well! And I've missed you!

So, I've gotten a lot of emails asking me, "Well? Did you get the CROCKPOT for Christmas?" And the answer is YES, I did! Whoo hoo! I am actually breaking it in tomorrow for the first time. Assuming that the first thing I make in it doesn't taste like ass, maybe I'll even post the recipe! But prepare yourselves. It's going to be a low fat and presumably fabulous Weight Watcher's recipe because TOMORROW? Operation Ass Shrinkage commences. That means a Weight Watchers weigh in for me manyana at 9:30AM. AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! But more about my belly rolls tomorrow....

Anyhowsa, about Christmas? Well...Besides getting what I really wanted from Santa Hubby (smart, smart man), here are some Costa holiday highlights:

***The most wretched gift I got this year? Homemade friggin fruitcake. Seriously? What person of sound mind who is under the age of ninety likes this crap? Blechhh! And YES, THOSE are M&M's and THAT IS a bowl of onion dip in the background....hence my need to get my jiggly butt back to WW tomorrow. Ho, hum.

And as you can see, it was soooooo moist that you could bust a windshield with it:


***And THIS is the best, most awesome Christmas present that the Hubby received (my opinion, not his)! If you don't know WHY this shirt is so AWESOME, CLICK HERE:
Doesn't he look so freakin thrilled??

And finally, after dealing with all of the hustle and bustle and craziness of getting ready for Christmas (I was the hostess, after all), I present the best means for a holly, jolly holiday...or as some might say...the ultimate coping mechanism for dealing with family:

Viva El Cafe Patron! That's coffee flavored tequila, people.

And, NO. These shots were not all for me.

Okey dokey, Smokey! That's all I've got for today.

But be sure to come back tomorrow to hear all about how I will probably faint on the WW scale when I find out how this (OH.YES.I.DID.):

And this (I.WAS.A.GLUTTON):

Contributed to my looking like this:

Oh, Barbie Girl! I feel your pain, Sistah! And the Post Holiday Remorse Diet begins immediately.

God, I am such a cliche.


Ann On and On... said...

I was just talking about "sexual chocolate" the movie not your hubby.... :D I LOVE the t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got fat over the holiday too-- including this weekend I"m looking at 5lbs. That's with eating lots of veggies and exercising about every second day. Bah humbug. So I cut 'er back this last weekend, passed on the wine and started drinking lots o' water instead. I put on another two pounds. Picture me having a hissy fit. Well I decided to stick out the water thing for a month to see if it gets me anywhere. I could go on and on, but that would be boring and I doubt S. Costa has a high boredom threshold.

I am SO looking forward to YOUR weigh in, if there is a god you gained more than I. Evil chuckle.

Barb (applying some of that psychology crap I took in university-- hoping to stimulate your competitive side and mine in the process)

Hanlie said...

OMW, that cake is hilarious!

Rockin' Robin said...

you are funny :-)

Amanda said...

I refuse to get on the scale. I've extended the pig-out fest until tonight, when I oh-so-intelligently will go for my first group Couch-to-5K class.

Because binging and then running is smart, dangitall.