Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take It Off! Take It All Off!

Okey dokey.

So, yesterday, I was pissed off at myself. And this was my course of action:

***I planned out several recipes for this week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). No dining out for you, Sistah. Get your ass in the kitchen and cook (Ever notice that cook is a four letter word?)!

***I went to the grocery store after work and bought REAL groceries...You know...the kind you have to cook (Again with that four letter word!). I bought fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy snacks, etc...all of the stuff I need to be prepared for Operation Ass Shrinkage.

***I cleaned out my refrigerator/cupboards and rid my house of any junk food that had been lingering since the holidays. Adios salt-n-vinegar chips! Arrivederci Oreos!

***After throwing out all of the shit food that I had in the house, I put my groceries away AND even though it was ALREADY eight-thirty in the evening, I made fat free muffins for breakfast AND a casserole for tonight's dinner. GO SALLY FRIGGIN CROCKER!

***And finally, after cleaning up, putting all of the cooked foods away, and taking a bath, I RESISTED the television AND the computer and went to bed. Because you see...If I am going to get up at the ass crack of the morning to ride George Clooney, I have to get enough sleep. Because if I don't? The alarm clock will go off and I will want to smash it to smithereens and bury it in the backyard. Not.A.Morning.Person. If you get my drift...

So that's it, peeps.

Apparently, I'm off like a prom dress!

I think if my ass could clap, it would...because it is going to be soooo freakin happy.


'Drea said...

Love the cartoon.

Way to commit to Operation Ass Shrinkage.

Debs said...

NO! Not the salt and vinegar chips ... Tell me you didn't toss the dip?

Excellent start though!

Hanlie said...

I love that cartoon too!

Cooking should be a pleasure for you now - you have a new crock pot! My hubby bought me a food processor in December and I use it EVERY day. Next time I want something, he won't hesitate, cause I USE the stuff he buys me!

She woke up FAT said...

I just love reading your posts.

I have never heard the phrase "off like a prom dress". LOL

cmoursler said...

you are off to a grand start sally costa.
Tell George hi.

Michelle said...

I just died laughing at riding George Clooney. I never read your first post...but I knew exactly what you meant! LOL! Thanks for the laugh, as always.