Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Look Like A Fool With Your Pants On The Ground!

Last night, Hubby and I watched the American Idol auditions. And there was this sixty-two year old man who auditioned by singing an "original" song that he wrote. I think y'all know who I'm taking about, right?

Anyway, all last night (after Idol) and ALL DAY TODAY so far, I can not get that damn freakin song out of my head. It's pissing me off. It's giving me a headache. It's making me want to share my misery with others---THAT MEANS YOU, PEOPLE.

And so, I present to you: Larry Platt (click here) with his original rendition of "Pants On The Ground."

I can't get it out of my head. Why should you?

Hehehe...*insert evil laugh here*

HELLO, Jesus? I am so not nice sometimes. Forgive me....and blame my mother.


Anonymous said...

here is larry's facebook....wicked funny... and paste the link for a good laugh and to become a fan.

MB said...

HAHAHAHAHA...sometimes I hate it when Simon is right.

Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground, Lookin' Like a Fool With Your Pants on the Ground ....

cmoursler said...

I was standing in adiamond shamrock buying dinner about two months ago...Some kid was there pants hangin off his rear end..and then they fell to his feet.
pants on the ground indeed.
Larry is a wise man.