Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Green Skin + Cat Eyes + Funky Teeth =?

Yesterday, I was one of the lucky people to have the day off due to Presidents' Day.

And I had big plans.

I was going to do all kinds of stuff around the house! I was going to cook all sorts of "good for me" foods! I was going to be productive! OH.YES.I.WAS.

But then, when I woke up, I saw this on my nightstand:
It was all shiny and new and it was calling to me. So I thought, Oh hell. What's the harm in reading a chapter or two? Right?


Because, 475 pages later? I was still in my pajamas. I hadn't brushed my teeth or taken a shower yet. And the only thing I shoved down my gullet all day for a combination breakfast/lunch was SEVERAL chocolate covered strawberries that were left over from Valentine's Day.

WHAT? It's fruit, right?

Later on that night, Hubby and I met some friends for dinner at a Thai restaurant. It's a restaurant that we go to often because the food is really good and it's a really hip place. AND they use black light there to vamp up the atmosphere in the evening...VERY COOL.

But, last night? I was a little weirded out there because our waitress had a funky look to her. Her skin had a greenish tint to it. She was wearing contacts that made her eyes look like a cat. And, her teeth were so white that they freakin glowed!

When we were alone in the car on the way home, I asked Hubs, "Did you notice anything weird about our waitress?" He answered, "She had an interesting look. That's for sure." I responded, "I don't know, dude. She looked like a vampire to me (SHE REALLY DID)." That's when Hubs looked at me and shook his head in silence...like I was Cookoo for Coco Puffs or something.

Alright. I admit it.

I might need an intervention, people.

Maybe y'all should call somebody.


michelle said...

I've been a long time lurker...you are flipping HILARIOUS...and you just affirmed my love affair with your blog. You love Twilight! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jen said...

well!!! Are you liking it?!! Gotta see the movie...it is coming out in March!!

Sal said...


I too was a Christmas time recipient of the Twilight series - have previously taken a vow of no-Twilightness. I am, after all, not a 15 year old girl. BUT NO! They are actually amazing, not too much of a new moon fan but still good. I did nothing for 2 weeks - actually phoned work and booked holidays just finish it. That's it now - your hooked, my advice just go with it and don't whatever you do go on the Stephanie Meyer website.
Long time lover of the blog.


'Drea said...

Few things in life beat a good book. And a good book while still in one's pajamas? Priceless -- even if you thought your waitress looked like a vampire.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think you are my long-lost, BRAVER, twin. You bare yourself in ways I can't, but that I understand completely. I love reading what's on your mind, b/c it's sometimes a louder, brasher, more exciting version of my own.
For some added support for losing weight, you might want to try Blog to Lose. I've been doing that for 8 months, in addition to going to my meetings. It's a good group and they help me try to stay on track. (This is NOT a pitch. It's free and I don't own it or have any interest in it. It's just a group of weight loss bloggers.) I just know you drop the WW stuff in here a bunch and it's mostly despondent. I hope that doesn't last for you. Because, since you are my twin, I might be in trouble too.
Enjoy the rest of the Twilight series. I LOVED those books. And I also liked her weird semi-sci-fi one that has nothing to do with Twilight.

Sally said...

Thanks for delurking! I'm so happy to hear from you! And don't worry...Even though I have a loud bark and am obsessed with vampires, I don't bite! I swear :)

Sally said...


Yay! I've found another Sally! Thank you so much for reading! And thank you for validating my ridiculous obsession with these books! I'm starting the third one---Eclipse--- today (after work). And, I'm with you...New Moon was good, but not my favorite.

Sally said...


Your long-lost twin? I'm scared for you! Haha...just kidding! You are right! Weight loss is a very important part of my life and I would love to look into "Blog To Lose." I'll definitely check into it ASAP! Thanks for the tip!!