Monday, February 22, 2010

My Pal, Linda :)

Happy Monday, my friends! And thank you for all of the well wishes! I am feeling so much better! Turns out, I had a stomach flu. But I am back to normal today! Well, that's assuming I can ever be classified as "normal."

So, I have to tell you about my friend, Linda. I know you all remember me telling you my Lou stories, right? If not, click HERE. But, put your food and/or beverages down first. What you are about to see is not pretty.....


Now back to my friend, Linda...She is Lou's wife. And she has written a fabulous book:

It's a book that we can all relate to because it's about choices and how it's NEVER too late to be the person you were meant to be.

The book chronicles Linda's life and follows her through many difficult situations, losses (OMG, I cried SO MUCH when she dealt with her Mom's death!) , and choices that she grapples with and handles gracefully while utilizing her unwavering faith in God.

Along with Linda's book, she also has a corresponding CD with her own song called, It's Your Choice:It's a beautiful song that inspires you to realize your potential and take another road in life if the one you are on is not conducive to the life you were meant to live.

Something you may not know about Linda is that she was a Sister of St. Joseph for twenty-five years. I know! Interesting, right?!

And because I like to joke with her, I often say to her, "Linda? Really? You encourage people and counsel people through some of the most difficult situations in their lives! Yet, when it came down to your own life, you chose this?"
"Good Lord, woman! What were you thinking?"

Hahaha. You'll want to know what she was thinking! So, buy the book. You can get it HERE.

And if you happen to live in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area, you MUST come to her book signing---not only to meet Linda (AND LOU----AAAHHHHHH!), but also to see me because get this, people!

I am going to be the MC! Oh, yeah! That means me + a bazillion people + my very own live microphone = TROUBLE!

Seriously, Linda! What were you thinking? Hehehehe... *insert evil laugh here.*

Anywho, here is the info:

What: Book Signing for Linda Lambert Pestana
Where: Venus de Milo Restaurant, 75 GAR Highway (Route 6), Swansea MA 02777
When: Sunday, March 7TH, 1-5PM
RSVP: By February 25TH to (Enter "book signing" on subject line)

You will love this book.

I'm asking you to trust me on this.

But, ultimately---like anything else---It's Your Choice (I can't stop saying this!).


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am impressed. Your friend Linda sounds like a wonderful woman...I must admit I am confuzzled about the Lou business.

Then I thought about it and realized you seem like a very nice person, Linda seems like a very nice person... ergo, there are things you are not telling us about Lou.

I wish Linda much success with the book signing and I will keep the audience in my thoughts...maybe you could get your mom to co-MC. How cool would that be?

Sally said...


Bite your tongue!
My Mother?
With a microphone?
Good God!

Thanks for reading ;)


cmoursler said...

cool of you to promote and support your friend like that.
Love that your friend actually had to make a tough decision to choose to leave the nunnery (a word...maybe?) and get married...very cool.

BippyMama said...

Bippy is there. Will Lou be there too?