Thursday, March 11, 2010

Team George VS. Team Edward

Morning, y'all!

Remember my jerkhole treadmill, George Clooney---whose ass I beat down this morning with my running shoes? Take that, pretty boy!

Yeah, well...he's got some competition in the "piece of shit I want to destroy" department at Casa Costa.

Allow me to introduce you to my scale, Edward Cullen (named after the vampire in Twilight, who BITES and SUCKS, just like that piece of crap scale that mocks me in the bathroom):

Oh, and FYI...

Edward's just as big a douchenugget as George.

I don't play favorites.


Jen said...

wwhoooo hooo! Team Edward!

cmoursler said...

IMO..edward looks like a greasy little dink.
Team George all the way...class and he gets you skinny.
All edward does is stand in the corner and brood...except when he sucks the life out of you.