Friday, March 5, 2010

Tell It Like It Is

The best and worst comments my blog has received this week:


After reading my new haircut post, my nephew left me this comment:

Hey Tia Sally:
Your hair looks great! It's young, crisp, and refreshing. You look more like my cousin now, rather than my aunt. It shaved ten years off. LOL... Enjoyed dinner the other night with you and Paul. Have a great day.

He thinks I look ten years younger. I think I'm going to leave him a shitload of money when I croak. I'm shallow. Flattery will get you everywhere.


This one came from blog reader, Kyle G. It was his response to yesterday's post about my husband and how his reckless chocolate cake abandon led him to gain five measly pounds (

Kyle G: Did I mention my 4.6 pound loss this past week for a total of 52 pounds? Neener, neener, neener! Of course, I'd only be this snarky on Sally's blog cuz she'd appreciate it. sucks...guys suck. However, I can't really get away with as many indiscretions as you might think and I am working my literal butt off to do what I'm doing anyway. It is all relative. Over time, we all lose based on the same calories in/out formula. Commence hating me...

Kyle? When I say that you left me the "worst" comment, I mean that with the utmost respect. You see...I'm on your side. I'm happy about your weight loss. Or, at least I WAS...until the whole neener, neener, neener thing (Ladies---He's mocking us!). Now you're just being a showoff. But, to show you that I'm a good sport, I've decided to buy you something. You commemorate your 50+ pound weight loss. Yes, my friend...I'm buying you a membership to the "Flavored Butter of the Month Club."

Bon freakin appetit.

Oh, and tell your wife that I'll forward my address so she can send me my 25% of the life insurance money. Thanks!

Men...They may lose weight faster and easier. But, women are WAY more resourceful.


Amanda said...

Men + calories = me, crazy.

I baked cookies last night, and I picked Thursday strategically so that I could take the lion's share to work this morning and spill the calories on my hapless coworkers. However, I also know that my husband gets sad if he doesn't get any cookies, so I saved him about 15.

He ate about a dozen after he got home last night. He has three left. These are gooey butter cookies. The recipe contains a block of cream cheese and a stick of butter, among other things. He sucked down 1200 calories in one, measly, sitting. In cookies.

Yes, he always eats like this. He also wears a 34" waist. Makes me nuts.

Kyle Gershman said...

LOL...well I knew I was taking a risk and I'll gladly accept the punishment.

It is the first time I've been on the short end of the "men defense" stick.

I'm hardly a guy's guy anyway and I doubt any other "joe" wants me to to chime in on behalf of the gender.


Sally said...

Your husband needs a smackdown. I can help. Let me know.


Sally said...


You're a good sport. I forgive you and wish you continued success on your weight loss journey.

Enjoy your butter ;)