Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Got Back

Today, after taking a six week hiatus, I went back to Weight Watchers.

And I did so for these reasons:

* I missed my WW friends, who are funny as shit.

* I missed the WW leader, who just happens to be my Hubby's aunt.

* I love the recipes that Auntie WW Leader shares with the class!

* When I am there, I'm not at work. Call me a slacker....I don't give a crap.

* My arse gets smaller---QUICKER, when I am accountable to someone other than myself.

* I just really like that meeting because it's fun.

Now, I know that I told you all about my reading that Oprah book, Women Food And God by Geneen Roth. And I know that I told you how much I really liked the book because it deals with the behaviors that cause people to overeat. However, you know that part of the book that said you should NEVER diet again? Well, don't get me wrong. That's a liberating idea. But, I really missed WW. And being a cardiac patient, I figure, it can't be a bad thing to analyze my food related behaviors AND follow a heart healthy eating plan, right?

Anyway, on May 12TH, Ms. Oprah is scheduled to do a whole show on how she has finally seen the light and will NEVER diet again thanks to Roth's book.

But, you know what? I'm not friggin Oprah. And I'm going to do what's right for me, and not what's right for her.

For once in my life, I've decided to stop following the leader...especially since THAT LEADER has an ass that's bigger than mine.


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Good for you on taking charge and going back! It sounds like you are on the right track!

Good luck to you on your journey.

cmoursler said...

um, I do believe oprah has gotten fat, then thin and then fat several times after seeing the 'light'.
I think it's called a train. just sayin'.

TheUnlikelyTriathlete said...

How timely, as I am back on the WW wagon also as of yesterday! Good luck... there is no ONE WAY to do things, as I am finally figuring out.

Kyle Gershman said...

Amen sister...this is your journey alone. Yes, there are all sorts of great ideas and inspirations to draw from, but those that fall off that wagon continually never truly make those idea their own to implement.

Umm..now..where are those great recipes you allege you get?

Anonymous said...

I too last week rejoined WW. I had been thinking about it and after eating a truck load of Easter candy decided it was time to face the music. The weigh in wasn't as bad as I thought it would be so I am trying super hard to do well this week. Hopefully I won't get knocked down with the weekly weigh in on Friday. So far so good. Anyway, Good luck to you.

Amanda said...

You freakin' rock, Sally.

Sally said...

Awww! Thanks for the love, guys! You rock BIG TIME!!!

Kyle---I'll post the recipes as I test them. If they pass muster with the Hubby, I'll consider them worthy of my bloggy peeps :)

Sally :)