Monday, May 3, 2010

You're All WINNERS To Me!

Happy Monday, Peeps!

Today's the day that I announce the winners of my Fabu Blog Give-Away!


There's nothing better than starting your week off a winner, right? Woot woot!

And in case you're wondering how the winners were chosen, I put all of the names of those who entered the give-away into a Boston Red Sox baseball hat (GO SOX!). Then, I had Hubby stick his hand in there and pick out four winners. I figured that way, if any of y'all want to beat the crap out of someone because you didn't win, you'll leave me in tact and beat the bodiddlies out of him, instead. WHAT?!

It's called Survival of the Fittest, people! And it's P-R-E-T-T-Y ingenious, if you ask me. Hehehe.

And now, a DRUM ROLL please!

The winners of the Rachael Ray Cookbook-Fabu Blog Give-Away are:

1. Drea (submitted a recipe for Veggie Quiche)

2. Shannon (submitted a recipe for Lettuce Wraps)

3. Erin (submitted a recipe for Roasted Parmesan Asparagus)

4. Amanda (submitted a recipe for Pumpkin Custard)

To all of the winners:
Congratulations, Dudes! To claim your prizes, please email me (email address located on my blogger profile page) your full names and mailing addresses and I will ship your books out to you ASAP! Yay!!

To all of the non-winners:
Blame my husband. He's the one that screwed you over.

Thank you all for playing! And remember, this contest left us all with a plethora of great, healthy recipes! Utilize those suckers (I know I will!)! They'll make your butt smaller! Seriously ;)


Amanda said...

YAY!!!!! Oh you made my Monday, Sally. Email will be incoming shortly :)

'Drea said...

Yay! I love winning especially after losing streaks...

Please thank your husband for me.