Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If It Walks Like A Ho And Talks Like A Ho, IT'S A HO!

This morning, I watched a clip from the Oprah Winfrey/Rielle Hunter interview that was on television last week.

You all know who she is, right? She's the tramp bag who polished John Edwards' ROCKET.

I swear, I almost threw up a little in my mouth when Oprah asked her WHY she wanted to do that interview. She actually looked Ope in the eye and said that she wanted to finally set the record straight because she is a WOMAN OF INTEGRITY.


I know, I know, people. It's not my place to judge.

But, SHIT.

In this case, I just can't help myself.

And so, I decided to look up the definition of the word INTEGRITY, and this is what I found:

*adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

And I got to thinking that this bimbo, Rielle Hunter, is a bigger ho-bag than even I could imagine.

You see...FIRST, she throws herself--coochie first--into an affair with that married, scum sucking sorry excuse for a presidental candidate, John Edwards (PIG).

THEN, she shows complete disregard for his children and his WIFE---who just happens to be dealing with all of this crap WHILE BATTLING STAGE FOUR CANCER!

THEN, she tries to sway the world with her side of the story by doing an interview with GQ magazine in which she is pictured wearing NO PANTS.

Hey Skank?! If you don't want the world to see you for the big whore that you really are, perhaps you should try KEEPING YOUR FUGGING PANTS ON once in awhile. Just saying...

And finally...

Last week, Skankola Hunter goes on Oprah to tell anyone who will listen that she LOVES Johnny and he LOVES her and she a woman of INTEGRITY.

Bitch, puh-leeze.


Debs said...

She could close her legs in the photo too!! Self promoting no morals Tramp!

MoraPiggy said...

LOL!! You are killing me once again! I love it.

I watched the Oprah interview and was just so not impressed with Rielle. I wasn't buying a word she said.

Not to mention, I couldn't help be distracted by the tiny *ss chair they had Oprah sitting in. She looked so uncomfortable.

mags said...

Oh my gosh you're funny!!! Love your blog.

Hanlie said...

Right on! Say it, Sista! I'm sick and tired of these ho's getting all the media attention!

You are a tonic!

astrid said...

since english is not my 1st language, i had to look up the word 'INTEGRITY' ..i couldnot believe she would use it in a sentence with her own self .....
i was right about the meaning of the word..but i believe, the interview gave a true reflection of who she is ...a skank. nothing more. nothing less. oh..yes, a skank, who can use 4-syllable words!!

MB said...

HAHAHAHA...too funny.

She definitely should have worn pants if she wanted to talk about her virture and integrity.

I didn't see the O interview but I think Rielle may be a Ho. My bigger problem is with the person that's married. The married person has the responsibility to keep it in their pants. Rielle may be a skank and she knew he was married but HE was the one who cheated on his wife, HE is the scumbag, she just happens to be the one HE cheated on his wife with. HE disgusts me, she's just the "other woman."

Also, I don't believe anyone can be cured of a sex addiction by going to rehab. If someone is a sex addict they should marry a sex addict or stay single and have as much sex as they want.

Kim said...

Ugh! I can't stand that lady...or whatever you call her. I watched the whole story about her and John Edwards on 20/20 a little while back...and even the people who were trying to take care of her thought she was a biotch. Integrity my butt. Good post.

Sally said...


I'm with you. She's a skank. But he is a scum sucking dog who will go down in history as a lying, cheating pig. Oink, oink.

Sally ;)

cmoursler said...

grade A whore. Think there is a stamp on her rear.

Graciela said...

She also has the gall to say that infidelity doesn't happen in a healthy marriage.

Oh, yes, this whole thing was someone else's fault...she is a WOMAN OF INTEGRITY!

All I can say is...karma is a bitch.

Jo said...

I think I might have said this before, but who the heck needs Oprah when we got Sally?! I know whose opinion I trust and respect.

Love your blog - keep up the entertaining work!