Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's All ABout Controlling Your Balls. Ooops! I mean THE BALL!

New Englanders love their sports teams.

We're loyal to our Red Sox (even when they suck).

We love our New England Patriots (Oh, Tom Brady...Why did you break my heart and marry that stick figure with no soul?).

We love our Bruins (There's nothing like a good hockey brawl, people! PUNCH, PUNCH, PUNCH!).

And we love our Boston Celtics, who are currently in a battle with the LA Lakers for the basketball championship.

HEY LAKERS: ┌П┐(•_•)┌П┐

The one sport we're not big on, even though we have our own team---the New England Revolution, is soccer.

I'm not really sure why soccer hasn't become the PHENOMENON here that it is in Europe. But, I do know that I have never paid much attention to it or been a big fan.

That is, until all of this World Cup stuff started happening. I am LOVING the World Cup games. I love them so much that I changed my Facebook photo to this:

As you can see, I am rooting for Team Portugal. And no matter what my husband thinks, my sudden interest in the sport has nothing to do with the guy on the right side of this picture who just happens to be wearing the Portuguese flag on his dingus:

Good Lord, people. You could grate cheese on those abs. Seriously.


TheUnlikelyTriathlete said...

I think you will REALLY appreciate this then:

Sarah said...

Yummy eye candy!

Hanlie said...

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world, so it's no wonder this World Cup is so huge. And we're hosting it! The excitement here in South Africa is electrifying!

I hardly ever watch soccer (hubby is a Liverpool supporter, so we sometimes watch the English Premier League games), but for the World Cup I had the TV connected and are now watching quite a few of the matches and are starting to "get" it.

And yes, the eye candy has been fantastic. One of my twitter friends @cow_grrrl hands out a "Hair of the Match" award every match, which is hilarious.

Ten Pounds said...

Yay! Glad you're liking it! It's the most exciting live game ever.

Anna said...

I love soccer! And the eye candy that goes with it isn't bad either!

Anonymous said...

So let me just say that I have never in my 26 years of life seen ANY portuguese man that looked like diggity dog!!!!! :D

p.s. I've been to the azores! and still nothing :/