Friday, July 2, 2010

He's Creepy And He's Kooky...Mysterious And Spooky!

Happy Friday, Peeps!

I'm CRAZY busy at work right now, getting ready for my long holiday weekend. Whoo hoo!

But I wanted to take a quick minute to wish you all a very happy July 4Th! The next few days are going to be sweltering here...and I am so excited because I LOVE THE HEAT! Too bad I won't be hitting the beach...mainly because I look too much like this:

And not enough like this:

Chocolate is the Devil. Just sayin...

Anywho, if you're a "local" and you are going to the beach this weekend, do yourself a favor and BEWARE OF LOU!

Apparently, he's been seen there, wreaking havoc in the sand---wearing nothing more than a banana hammock.

Here's an actual photo of a recent sighting (with his brother, Uncle Fester):


I know. I am evil.

Let me remind y'all again that PAYBACK IS A B*TCH!

Have a great weekend everybody!

God Bless America!!

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