Thursday, July 29, 2010

If You're Not Wearing Your Glasses, I Don't Look A Day Over 25!

Today is my 41st birthday. And I'm not even feeling vulgar about it!

I know, I know! I've come a long way since last year, when on my 40Th birthday, I wanted to stab people (my sisters).

Thus far, these are the highlights of my day...

*My Husband bought me this chocolate birthday cake:

I had a GENEROUS portion of it for breakfast (AKA...A BIG ASS PIECE). It was yummy. Don't tell my Weight Watcher's leader cuz she'll be all, "Sally, you can have anything you want to eat moderation! Just use your daily points/extra points/exercise points to count it!"

That's not happenin' today, Sister. So, put a friggin sock in it OR I'll whip out my taser (Okay. Maybe I'm still SLIGHTLY vulgar).

*While I was secretly hoping to get a birthday phone call, present, or card from the REAL George Clooney, neither of these things actually happened. He's probably busy entertaining some naturally skinny, gold digging whore at his Italian villa. Whatever, George. Don't come crying to me when she gives you genital warts.

However, all has not been lost. I ACTUALLY did get a card from somebody famous. Don't be hatin' on me, ladies. But, here it is...

Yeah, that's right! The GEICO Gecko! AND he wants to save me money on my car insurance, too. Jealous, b*tches? Yeah...I thought so.

Well, I'm heading out to meet my Mother (AKA...Sophia Petrillo) and my sister for lunch. My MOTHER insists on seeing me on my birthday. Apparently, she's entitled to monopolize some of my time just because she shot me out of her HOO-HA.

Whatever...just as long as she and BIG SISTER know that I'm not paying.

And tonight? Hubs and I are heading out for dinner with our buds---Lou (Yes. CRAZY LOU) and Linda. Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on what WRETCHED gifts they have in store for me.

Peace out, Dudes!!!


Allan said...

Just too much to comprehend all at once... And so bizarre....
Happy 25th !!!

OTerez said...

what does the cake say? I can't make it out and it's making me crazy!
I turn 40 next month. I still don't know how I feel about it :(

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Nice cake...your husband did a great job.

Enjoy the time with your mother and sister.

I can't wait for a Lou story. I am halfway in love with him.

Anna said...

Happy Birthday! (isn't George in your basement, or where ever?)

judyqofk said...

Happy Birthday Chicklette! You don't look a day over 24!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Happy burpday!

Sally said...


The cake says "Mais fica" as in the name of my blog. It means "more for me" in Portuguese.

And don't worry about turning 40. After the initial shock of it all, it's actually pretty great ;)

XOXO, Sally

Sally said...


Halfway in love with Lou?? Get your ass to a therapist IMMEDIATELY ;)


Sally said...


Yes. George Clooney, my treadmill, is in fact in my basement (HATE HIM). The real George Clooney is probably off in Italy having his rocket polished by some skank. Ho, hum...


Karla said...

Happy Birthday darlin, you always make me smile!! George doesn't know what he's missing!!

Mishy said...

happy bday!

i celebrated my 11th 29th bday. it was rough. my husband didn't even get me a cake, cupcake, cookie or donut like i had LOUDLY HINTED for all week prior. he sucks and is now dead to me.

enjoy your day!

Alison Wood said...

Many congrats on turning 20-21. I reached the big 40 last year and I still have to have wine nightly in order to get over it.

Happy Birthday!

Kyle Gershman said...

Happy Birthday!

Genital warts...the gift that keeps on giving.

Now...can you say that about all your birthday gifts? thinkaboutit.

Brian said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

See you this weekend Tia Sally. Enjoy your day!!

Take care,


cmoursler said...

congrats on turning 25 for the sixteenth year running. Only an accomplished woman could manage. Have a boatload of fun on your big day!

MB said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I recently celebrated my 39th birthday for the 4th time. It's not so bad. I can't wait to here what Lou did for your birthday.