Friday, July 30, 2010

Pick Me A Winner!

****How I Celebrated My Birthday****

If you read yesterday's post, you already know that Hubby and I went out for dinner with our friends, Lou and Linda. Here's a recap...

We got to L & L's house after work at about 5:30. They insisted that we hang out there for a little while so they could give me my "birthday presents."

Here's what they gave me...starting with this card, which pretty much SET THE TONE for the rest of the evening:

Front of Card:

Inside of Card:


When Lou and Linda gave me this card, Lou was all, "I just want you to know that I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT CARD!"

Yeah right. Dude!

Your wife is like the sweetest person EVER. Do you honestly expect me to believe that shit? Way to throw your wife under the bus, Bozo.

Moving on...

Then L & L gave me these plaques for my new office, which I'll be moving into in about 6 weeks...

Gee...I wonder who picked THESE out, Lou?

Finally, after opening up these shit gifts, LINDA---THE NICE ONE, gave me a very lovely charm for my Pandora bracelet, a gift certificate to my favorite store, and a bottle of Prosecco.

Lou tried to take credit for the "nice" presents. But, we all know better. Don't we?

Nice try, Trophy Head.

The second phase of our night, was dinner at a lovely restaurant in downtown Providence, called Aspire. The place was awesome and the food was delicious!

Check it out:

The Restaurant:

Our Adorable Waitress, Lindsey (Ask for her if you go there! She was so sweet and tolerant of the Perv in her midst!):

Here we are sipping cocktails al fresco (Dear Feds, If anything happens to me, THE BALD GUY with the knife did it!):

Me: Birthday Cake TAKE 4 (Seriously):

Hubby, Indulging:

Across from the courtyard where we had dinner, there was this adorable little public park. And in the park, there was this HUGE granite ball, slowly spinning around in a water fountain. Hubby was obsessed with it so we decided to take some pictures of ME behind it.

Only UNO problemo.

While I was taking my position behind the fountain, this fat guy moseyed on in behind me, sat down on a park bench, and took off his shirt. LOVELY. And THAT'S not the worst of it. Check it out...

Me. And The FAT GUY...

But, WAIT! There's more!

Me. And The Fat Guy...Scratching His Ass...

Me. And The Fat Guy...Flexing His Pectorals...

Me. And The Fat Guy...Digging For Clams (Excuse me, while I THROW UP now!)...

All in all, I had a great birthday (except for the nose picker incident). I'd like to thank my Hubby, my family, Lou and Linda, and everybody who emailed/texted/commented here/and sent me Facebook messages yesterday--wishing me a Happy Birthday. You guys are sooo AWESOME, it hurts!!

OH CRAP! WAIT A MINUTE! I almost forgot!

I have ONE MORE photo for you!

Last night, after indulging in SEVERAL alcoholic beverages...Lou...UM...

Well...He almost got picked up by a tranny...

I wonder why.



Kim Scales said...

Fatty in the background was hillarious. And as a bonus you can submit your photos to White Girls and Gang signs.

Sally said...

Bahahaha! Those are "peace" signs, not gang signs! And at least I wasn't doing the "white girl with duck lips" pose!

Sally ;)

Anonymous said...

Now that looks like a great evening!

No shirt guy is hilarious!

Please send my love to Lou, every time I see this guy I fall deeper in love!

Anonymous said...

you guys are toooooo funny!!! the "fat guy" just happened to arrive AFTER you had decided to take pictures, and take his shirt off.....! hahahahahaha

p.s. thats a great look for lou! ;)

love steph

Kyle Gershman said...

It could have only happened to you...was the person on the bench with the fat guy or was he just his own gift to her as well. Egads...happy birthday! Oh...Lou should be expecting a flaming bag of poo on his front porch for his next b-day, huh?

Hanlie said...

Happy belated birthday, Sally! I can't quite wrap my head around the fat, shirtless guy...