Monday, July 12, 2010

That's What Friends Are For....

Happy Monday, Peeps!

I'd like to thank everybody for all of the kind words/comments/emails that I received after my health scare last week. You guys so rock! Seriously!

And I also want to tell you about a phone call that I received in response to my last post.

It was Friday night--about 7-ish--when my cell phone rang. Apparently, my friend--Heather--had read my blog, was really upset about it, and wanted some confirmation from me that I was alright.

When I didn't answer my phone (I was in a restaurant and had shut it off), she left this message (while crying and being just a TAD bit hysterical):

"Oh my God! I am so upset! You need to call me RIGHT NOW before I break out in hives! *pause, sniffle, sniffle* YOU BETTER NOT HAVE CANCER, YOU WHORE!"




Kim Scales said...

You're handling all of this with the grace and humor of Erma Bombeck. I wish I had handled my own scare with the same tact. I don't know you, but I admire you're wit in the face of fear.

Heather said...

LOL - I cried for a day and a half! Love how you used the birthday card I gave you...classic. Whore.