Monday, July 26, 2010

What's Grosser Than A Meat Log?

Whoo hoo! This is my birthday week!


And every year, during my birthday week, Hubby and I spend seven days doing fun stuff (after work and on weekends). He usually let's me choose what I want to do and kind of rolls with the punches.

So, yesterday, I told him that I wanted to try a new restaurant called The Duck & Bunny. It's this cool little place in Providence, RI that serves crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. HOLY CREPE!

I love crepes. They are so dainty and light and depending on what you put in them, they can be a fairly healthy meal choice.

Because we went there for dinner, I chose to fill my crepe with spinach, goat cheese (light on the cheese, please), and sun dried tomatoes. YUM. And I washed it down with some freshly brewed ice tea.

The Hubster, on the other hand, LIT UP when he saw HIS MENU CHOICE. Here's what he ordered (and ate every morsel of). Brace yourselves:

No, my friends. You are not seeing things.

The Hubster did indeed ingest FOUR FULL FAT hot dogs, wrapped in crepes, topped with coney island sauce, mustard, and onions...And he washed this abomination down with a glass of red wine. How effin gross is THAT?

Anywho, regardless of my attempts not to puke at the dinner table, Hubby RAVED about his meal! He was all, "Whoever invented this combination IS A GENIUS!"

Good Lord.

Leave it to the man that I married to turn the daintiest food EVER into a disgusting PIG FEST. Blech....


Allan said...

I would so eat that. I have already licked the screen. Yum

Katy said...

Wa Wa Wee. That's quite the meal

Debby said...

effin gross? Noooooo

I looked at the pictures and at first thought that was caramel sauce and nuts on top...then I thought to that a weenie in there????!!! I don't have my glasses on you see. Then I read what it was and I could fairly taste the delicate crepe with the lovely, fatty, salty weenie and then coney sauce??? Onions??? Holy crap I think I just peed a little. I would have SO eaten that....Oh ya, I would.

I have to work at 4 and I was going to go to our local coney place for a dog before work...really was. Looked it up and it was 8 points...and I had them, I just couldn't bear to spend them. Drooling at your weenie crepe though...I think I definitely need my fix!

Kyle Gershman said...

As a fellow crepe lover and purist, I would have to side with you Sally. Don't get me wrong, I love me some hot dawgs in many possible forms, but this wouldn't have made my top 3 choices at a good creperie.

Now...nutella and banana? Count me the fug in!

Mitch Herndon said...

Sorry, with the hubby here. That looks AWESOME!!

SuzRocks said...

I do love crepes- but I also weirdly love hot dogs. That looks AWESOME! And totally fattening.