Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What The Hell? Why Not Mother Theresa???

Remember the post that I wrote about Demon Dave, my Facebook friend---who photoshopped my face onto Charles Manson's head (Click here for a refresher)?

Yeah, well...Even though I still think that Dave is the Devil's Spawn, I do believe that he IS a rather talented artist (Don't tell him I said so. I'll never live that shit down).

And recently, he did it again.

But this time, instead of turning me into Manson, he turned me into the creepy clown from Stephen King's IT.

Check it out:

Stephen King's Creepy Clown...

Plus Sally...


Hmmm....I'm sensing an evil pattern here. First, I was morphed into Charles Manson. Then, I was morphed into the scary IT clown.

I don't understand THIS because I am sooooo friggin sweet! And sooooo freakin nice!


DON'T ANSWER THAT. Because, I swear! If you answer THAT question the wrong way, I WILL BEAT YOUR FRIGGIN ASS. Seriously.

Oh, shit...

Never mind. I get it now.

Ho, hum.


Allan said...

About that picture of you...
I'm out....As Elaine and Kramer leave the room,,,, Thanks

Kyle Gershman said...

ok...I decided that I can't really add anything else here.

cmoursler said...

You have made the clown look darling. lol.
too funny.
oh, and I went and looked at Dave's work. He is a talented artist.