Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Buns In The City

So, this is it!

My last official post about my long weekend at BlogHer in New York City!

And I figured, it would be fun to make y'all jealous by introducing you to all of the rich and famous peeps that I hobnobbed with.

Commence hateration, people.

Okay, so here I am with celebrity #1....The super awesome, hotter than hot...

Pillsbury Dough Boy!

Call me crazy. But, I don't think there's anything sexier than a dude with full, plump, hot out of the oven cinnamon buns. Yum, yum. Am I right, ladies?

After me and the dough boy of my dreams canoodled for a bit, my fickle side came through and I made my way into this red headed stud's embrace:

HELLO, Ronald McDonald!

Finally, after breaking the news to Ronald that I was married and therefore WOULD NEVER be his own private little happy meal, I meandered over to a Tropicana Orange Juice display at the BlogHer Expo and I ran into this guy...

Holy Crap! It's Bruce Jenner!

I have nothing perverse to say about Bruce. Only that when I saw him, I yelled, "Who's keeping up with the Kardashians NOW? I AM, I AM!" And then I giggled.

Bruce just stared at me with this kind of annoyed look on his face as if to say, "Just hurry up and take the picture, you unoriginal

Calm down, Bruce. You're no friggin George Clooney.

And the last person that I met in NYC that I want to tell you about, isn't famous at all.

But, she SAVED MY LIFE. So, I think it's only fitting that I give her a shout out.

On the last day that we were in New York, Hubs and I decided to take a bus to Ground Zero. We'd never been there before and wanted to take some time to see and reflect at the site where so many of our fellow Americans lost their lives. We also wanted to check out the progress of the Ground Zero Memorial.

When we got close to the actual site, I noticed a street vendor selling food about twenty feet away from us. Hubs and I were hot and a little hungry, so we decided to stop at the vendor's cart to get a cold drink and something to eat.

As I was getting closer to placing my food order (there was quite a long line), I heard somebody chanting. I looked at my husband and said, "Do you hear that?" "Yeah," he said..."Where is that coming from?" "I don't know," I replied. And we just kind of ignored it.

Suddenly, as I got closer and closer to the vendor, the chanting got louder and louder and I was able to make out what THE VOICE was saying.

It was a woman, chanting in a low voice, "Don't eat it. Don't eat it. Don't eat it. Don't eat it." PAUSE. "Don't eat it. Don't eat it. Don't eat it. Don't eat it." PAUSE.

I looked around and saw a man, his young son, and his wife standing on the corner against a large financial building. Clearly, they were tourists.

As I got closer to them, and the chanting got a little louder, I looked at the woman inquisitively and whispered...

Me: Are you talking to me?

Woman: Yes! Please don't eat there! I saw that vendor picking his nose something fierce and now he's touching all of that food! Please don't eat there!

Me: Oh my God! Thank you for telling me!

And that, my friends, is how a very kind, complete stranger, from waaaaay down south (she had an accent) stuck her neck out to save MY LIFE....

By keeping me from eating a BOOGER BURGER.

To pay it forward, I gave her my card. And I told her to contact me if she ever needed bone marrow or a kidney or something.

And she just laughed.

Sometimes I forget that people are good.


Allan said...

Looking for the picture you took with the wife and I while you were in town... Oops, must have forgot to post that one... Next time...And we will feed you well...

Kim Scales said...

I had to share this one of facebook. LMAO

OTerez said...

I snort laughed at your Kardashian comment. Bruce IS a booger burger. I bet that nice lady was from Alabama :) All the nice ones are :)