Monday, August 16, 2010

I Heart The First Amendment

I got an email from a blog reader asking me where the marble penis picture from this post went.

Apparently, while I THOUGHT that it was a lovely display of marble phallicism, the Big Cheeses of the blogosphere did not. AND? I was censored...son-of-a-b*tch.

Yeah, they pretty much told me that I am a detriment to society, Bill O'Reilly thinks I will burn in Hell, and my blog is bordering on pornographic (Well, not in so many words, BUT I KNOW THAT'S WHAT THEY MEANT!!)

Dudes! On top of everything else that I am, now I'm also a porn queen!


I'd better get myself to a church....ASAP!

Anywho, like I told the blog reader who was looking for the now MIA peenie picture, if you'd like a copy of use as your computer desktop or screen saver, send me an email (You'll find my email address on my blogger profile).

And do me a favor. In the subject line, type: SEND ME THE WEENIES

That way, I'll know that you're one of my peeps, and not just some Internet perv who's trying to send me SPAM in the form of erectile dysfunction literature.


Allan said...

Diet, no diet, rich, poor, I promise, I will never utter the phrase "Send me the Weenies "....

justme5686 said...

I can't believe they censored you! You even warned people about it and they were marble. So crazy! Good luck with fighting "the man!" I'll remain a faithful reader :)

Jenn Barley | The KickStart Coach said...

who sensors the internet? Really? With all that is out there?

Keep on reporting the facts as you see them :)

MB said...

What the ....? Who does big brother think he is? This is your blog and if you want pictures of big marble penises you should be able to have them. What country is this again? They keep telling me it's the land of the free but then take away all my freedom. WTF?

I'd rather see a guy in a pair of Levi's than letting it all hang out so I won't be sending you any e-mails requesting the weenies but wholeheartedly believe you should be able to post them wherever you want. I'm sure it's not the most scandelous thing on the internet these days.

Sheesh ....

Debby said...

OMG they cut your weenie? How barbaric. Did the erection last more than 4 hours? Maybe that's why!!!

Power to the penis!

Sorry, perhaps I've had a bit too much wine tonight!