Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sally Who?

This morning, I called one of my customers to discuss a minor problem with a job that I'm doing for him.

(FYI---If you're new here, Hubby and I own a reputable company together. Just wanted to clarify that because talking about my "customer" might give you the idea that I'm a hooker or something.)

So, this customer of mine?

Yeah, he thinks my name is Sue. I have no fuggin idea why.

And every time I call him, I say, "Hi Larry. This is Sally Costa." And he says, "WHO?" And then, he ends up calling me SUE for the duration of the conversation (Is he deaf? Is he dumb? I DON'T FREAKIN KNOW!).

He does this even when HE calls ME...ALWAYS asks for FRIGGIN SUE.

So this morning, I call him, right? And this is what he says...

Me: Good morning, Larry! This is Sally Costa from XYZ Company. How are you?

Larry: I'm good.

Me: Great, great. So, Larry--I have a question about a print that you sent me.

Larry: Who is this again?

Me: SALLY...From XYZ Company.

Larry: Ohhhh. *PAUSE* Can I talk to SUE? SHE'S MY FAVORITE!

Apparently, even when I'm only competing with MYSELF, I still lose. FML.


Allan said...

Sue, you are one spunky Chica..Who better to compete with than Sally.. Sally meet Sue, Sue meet Sybil...etc..

Jenn said...

*doubled over with laughter*

Um, don't you think you should be censoring the word hooker? The big wigs may be on the watch...

Kyle Gershman said...

If it weren't for Sue's wonderful sense of humor, I'd have stopped reading Sally's blog long ago.

Mishy said...

much like Elaine did, you should have Suzie killed. you can invite him to the funeral.