Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saving His Ass...Since 1992

Dear Life Insurance People,

I know that MANY, MANY times in the past, I have threatened to do bodily harm to my husband (i.e., stab, taser, smother with a pillow) right here on this blog---mainly because I get frustrated with his ability to eat like a ravenous beast and never gain a freakin pound (And an ALL WOMEN jury would NEVER convict me!).

However, I want you to know that YESTERDAY? I saved his ass.

You see...

Last night? I decided to clean out HIS medicine cabinet just for shits and giggles (Personally, I take ZERO over-the-counter medications). In doing so, I found out that all of these meds had expired...LIKE THREE YEARS AGO! WTF?

I'm not sure what the ramifications of ingesting old ass meds are. But, since I'm a drama queen, I'll assume that I saved Mr. Oblivious' life.

And THAT means that I saved YOU a crap load of money.

I think I deserve a reward for that.

I'll take a new iPad.


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