Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some People Are Just Gross

Today is the last day that you can enter my Great Skin Give-A-Way.

I will announce the five winners tomorrow.

In the original give-a-way post, I told y'all that to enter, all you had to do was leave me a comment pertaining to that post.

What I didn't expect was a comment like this one:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "It's The "Great Skin" Give-A-Way!!":

Sally, I would love to win all of these wonderful products! Maybe they'll take some of the wrinkles out of the old "Ball Sack."

Posted by Anonymous to Mais Fica (More For Me) at September 17, 2010 3:35 PM

Okay. Here's the deal.

First? I don't possess a ball sack. So, I wouldn't presume to know what cosmetic measures--IF ANY--should or should not be taken to erase said ball sack wrinkles.

And SECOND? I tracked this comment using my live blog feed. And it came from a town, not far away from me, where two people that I know reside.

The first person that I know from THAT town is my friend from high school. She is a respectable woman who, anatomically (like me), sports a vajayjay and NOT a set of hairy boys.

However, the OTHER person who lives in ball sack town, is LOU, who is FIFTY-NINE years old and, I'm guessing, probably has some wrinkly nad issues.

Y'all? I've decided that I'm changing the give-a-way rules.

You can still enter today by leaving me a comment on this post.

However, if your comment embeds a picture in my head that MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP, you will be disqualified.


Anonymous said...

Your post just made me laugh out loud in the quiet section of the library.

Jo said...

Lou?! Well that is a shock! I am sure that no one else, like myself, after reading such a post would have ever suspected Lou of writing such a thing.

Yeah right...

Jen said...


mags said...

too funny!

Ms. Marsha said...

Laughing so hard! I totally knew where this was going. Of COURSE it was Lou.