Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dumb As A Stump

Yesterday, my husband blew a brake line on his truck (Dear Life Insurance People, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. I swear!). The following is the conversation that I had with the AAA truck driver who came to tow it to our mechanic's shop:

Truck Dude: Okay. It says here that you have a basic membership. That means the first three miles I tow it are free. Extra miles are $3.00 each.

Me: Okay. So what do I owe you?

Truck Dude: Well, your mechanic is NINE miles away. You get the first three miles FREE. That means you have to pay me for SIX miles. You owe me TWELVE bucks.

Me: How much is it a mile again?

Truck Dude: Three dollars.

Me: Alright. Well, SIX miles times THREE dollars a mile is EIGHTEEN dollars. I owe you eighteen dollars.

Truck Dude: *pondering and COUNTING ON HIS FINGERS like I'm trying to screw with his dumb ass* Wait. Is that right?

Me: Dude! I don't have time for this! I have to get back to work! I owe you EIGHTEEN dollars! Why would I lie about that?

Truck Dude: *shrugging*

Me: Look. Here's a TWENTY. Keep the change. *PAUSE* Um. THAT means you get to keep TWO dollars (just in case he couldn't figure that sh*t it out).

Truck Dude: Thanks!

Let's hope he puts that two bucks towards his enrollment in an entry level math class, y'all. Geez.

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