Monday, October 25, 2010

A Monday Morning Ego Boost

Hello, Peeps! Long time, no blog! Right?!

I know. Blame my real job. It's cramping my style. I need to get a friggin union in there.

Anywho, I'm baaaaack!

And I want tell you about what a freakin rocket scientist I am.

I spent part of my weekend cleaning and organizing at home. One of the areas that need special attention, was my closet. So, I decided to sort through my clothing and get rid of crap that I didn't like, didn't wear, or made me look like a hooker.

When I was done, I dusted the shelves, organized the shoes, vacuumed the carpet, and put this handy dandy, brand new air freshener in there to make my closet smell nice:

Cinnamon Sugar Air Freshener From Yankee Candle:

Only one problem.

Usually, when I wake up in the morning, I am famished (like TODAY).


So, when I walked into the closet this morning to get my slippers, the cinnamon sugar air freshener filled the air with the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon buns.

Dudes! Immediately, I started thinking, "Oh.My.God! I MUST have a cinnamon bun for breakfast! Where the hell can I get one on my way to work?!"

And I stood there for a few seconds, taking in the scent, while seriously analyzing my course of action.


Reality smacked me square on my ample ass, when I glanced to the left and contemplated this section of my closet:

Dudes? These are the articles of clothing that I love, but can not fit into unless I butter myself before getting dressed, like a Thanksgiving Day turkey.

Ho, hum.

Pass me the friggin oatmeal, damn it.

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Patrick said...

Buttering oneself before getting dressed... may not be a bad thing to do if going scuba diving. Being healthy is hard enough without air fresheners amping up our appetites. I hope my wofe does not bring home a double-cheese burger aire freshener today, I will be hard pressed to resist eating it.