Tuesday, October 26, 2010

With Fifteen Grand, You Can Feed An Army

In March and April of this year, stormy weather caused the state of Rhode Island to experience its worst flooding in history. Many people lost their belongings and their homes. Many businesses had to close. People lost their livelihoods. The unemployment rate, which was among the highest in the nation, rose even higher. It was all very, very disheartening.

During that time, President Barack Obama came to Boston, Massachusetts to attend a fund raiser. Because Massachusetts is virtually a stone's throw away from Rhode Island, many people speculated that the President would cross the border into Rhode Island to come and offer support and witness the devastation that was facing the smallest state in the union. He did not.

But, yesterday?

After most of the dust had cleared and most of the mess had been cleaned up and most of the battles with FEMA were over, he decided to come....one week before Election Day.

He came to raise money.

He came to make a withdrawal. Ka-ching.

He came to charge people $15,000.00 per couple to have dinner in the same room with him.

I never blog about religion or politics.

I like to keep things light around here.

But, today? I'm annoyed.

I'm annoyed that when it really counts, my little state is overlooked and treated like it's a pimple on the ass of Massachusetts.

As Americans, we're blessed. We get to spend our hard earned money any way we want to.

And you know what? If I had an extra fifteen grand lying around...just burning a hole in my pocket?

You can bet your ass that THE LAST thing I would do is use it to have dinner in the nosebleed section of a room---with the President.


I'd use that money to feed the hungry.

Then, I'd park my tuckus at home and make myself a grilled cheese sandwich...proudly made with American cheese, of course.


Jo said...

and yet another reason why I love reading your blog! Fantastic post!

Anonymous said...

Linda who "WAS" a democrat said to me last night.... Are you ready,
" I think I am really a Republican"
Alleuia, Alleuia,

Anonymous said...

Very well said!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that sister! Well said! Nothing makes me more mad than watching him galavant around the country spending our tax payers dollars to support fellow Demo's. That money could be better spent flying over to support those that have really served us. Losing their life for our freedom every day. I'd gladly see him spend that money do that. Or not creating more debt. Personally thanking them for job well done. If the demo's can't get elected on their own w/o his help personally I don't think they belong there. (stepping off box now)

Allan said...

You are entered..of course

Mishy said...

poor lil' RI, your state deserves better than that. glad i get to make my voice heard in tomorrow's election, after my colonoscopy appt nonetheless. it's kinda fitting actually.