Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Am I Missing Something?

I consider myself a pretty smart person. Yet, right at this moment? I am stumped.

I'm in my new office and I'm trying to act all independent and shit by putting a small piece of IKEA furniture together by myself. But, I don't understand a portion of the directions.

Clearly, the IKEA-INS are trying to tell me that I should NEVER, under any circumstances, do this:

(Am I the only one who doesn't know WTF this means?)

Um. Excuse me, IKEA people, BUT, just for the record?

All I ever wanted from you was a cute, affordable (but stylish), little table that I could display some magazines on.

It was NEVER my intention to dry hump said table--with my hands behind my back--until it crumbled into pieces.

Y'all are some freaky ass people.


Allan said...

The literal translation of "IKE" into English is "Crap"....
Call Lou !

Mitch Herndon said...

I think that is "IKEA-speak" for "Don't let it fall over and break you dumb-A...".....

Life as a Caterpillar said...