Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank God For Small Favors

I had a revelation this weekend.

I'm turning into my mother.

Yeah. You heard me.

It all started on Saturday morning when my sister, Natty, called to tell me that one of our other sisters had fallen and suffered a pretty serious back injury. Apparently, she'd been on her way to the hairdresser, when she took a nasty spill in her driveway, and actually CRUSHED several discs in her back. Good Lord.

The thing about my family? We're really tight. When one of us is sick or hurt? It's like we all feel it. No joke. News like this sends us all into a tizzy.

So, immediately after hanging up with Natty, I went to pick up my Mom and we drove over to the hospital to see how my Big Sister was.

Thankfully, by the time we got there, she was all hopped up on pain meds. And I say THANKFULLY, not only because I didn't want to see my sister in pain, but also because there is NO ONE on this Earth who has a weaker stomach than me. Seriously, dudes. If I see someone flinch because of a splinter in their finger? BOOM. I'm either out cold or throwing up on my shoes. For reals.

So, anywho, we get to the hospital, find her room, and find that Big Sister is feeling NO PAIN thanks to some lovely druggage. Whoo hoo.

Now, like about a bazillion people before me, I start questioning Big Sister. I wanted to know the details surrounding her accident.

Exactly HOW did she fall? Who was there to help her? How long did it take for the ambulance dudes to respond? What did the doctors say? What's going to happen next?

And then, my friends?

For a very brief, but entirely scary moment, I turned into my mother, as I sat in the chair at the foot of her bed, looked her in the eye, and said, "I hope you were wearing clean underwear."


The good news is that she's like me (I know! Lucky for her, right?). And she was all, "I know! I thought the same thing! They're not the newest pair that I own, but they're clean. AND? I shaved my legs, too. Whew."

Y'all? Clearly, we are the apples that have fallen from the same tree.

Now, take a lesson from us.

Remember that life is unpredictable.

So, go out and buy yourselves some new underwear.

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W. VonWhoreman said...

Hope she's doing well (as well as can be expected anyway). I can relate, back problems can suck it. I'll be praying for her!