Monday, December 20, 2010

A Bra For A Boob

I got a comment from one of my readers (and fellow blogger) suggesting that I punish Lou for that whole lame-ass Walmart bra incident. She told me that I should take pictures of him wearing the cheap, fugly bra on his head AND THEN post said pictures on this here blog.

Being that my readers are brilliant, I took her advice. AND I went to see Lou at work. AND I told him that I was still pissed off. And I told him that the ONLY way I would forgive him, is if he did EXACTLY what my brilliant reader suggested.

Only one problem, y'all.

The bastard wasn't phased OR TRAUMATIZED in the very least! Damn it!

He's such a freakin ham.....

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Yeah...His wife must be sooooooo proud.


spunkysuzi said...

My husband says there should be more Lou's in this world :)

Jo said...

That is so totally a Lou thing to do. I wouldn't think he would bat an eye to the suggestion.

hhhmmm, there's gotta be some kind of sweet revenge that wouldn't be quite so appealing to the purve - it can't be rude, vulgar or distatesful or he'll be all over it with pleasure... hmmm, think, think, think

Fragrant Liar said...

I love it when people take me seriously and/or think I'm brilliant, which of course, is the same thing. Heh.

I'm thrilled that your hubs was good-natured enough to let you take his pic in the lame-ass bra, which on reflection is gorgeous. Too bad it doesn't fit! Oh, and I had my pic taken once with my bra on my head, but I was completely trashed.
Tell Lou to compare:

Hanlie said...

Gosh, I love these pics! Go Lou!