Friday, December 17, 2010

George Clooney RULES.

The lady who owns the business next door to ours came over to give us a WELCOME / GOOD LUCK gift. It's a fish, y'all....a Japanese Betta. My husband is so excited with it. I have no freakin idea why....

Hubby: WOW! This is so cool!

Me: *YAWN* It's a fish.

Hubby: It's not JUST a fish! It's a Japanese FIGHTING FISH!

Me: Who's he gonna fight with?

Hubby: Nobody! But, he has to be kept in a bowl ALL by himself! If you put TWO betta fish in the same bowl, they will EAT EACH OTHER!

Me: Great. So what you're telling me is that our neighbor gave us a CANNIBAL fish. That's lame.

Hubby: It's cool!

Me: Whatever......And just so you know? I'm NEVER cleaning poopy fish water. Gross.

Hubby: That's fine.

Me: What are you going to name him?

Hubby: What do you think I should name him?

Me: George Clooney.

Hubby: I'm NOT naming him GEORGE CLOONEY.

Me: How about John F. Kennedy, Jr.?

Hubby: Sal?

Me: What?

Hubby: Please stop talking.

Me: FINE...WHATEVER. But remember something! Without a cool name, HE'S JUST SUSHI.*

*He will NEVER get the last word in. Just sayin...

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Jo said...

Exactly and that is why we named our fish sushi.